Air FranceA week-long strike begins today by pilots from Air France. The dispute is over the airline’s plans to move some of its crew and operations to its low cost subsidiary, Transavia, without offering the same pay and benefits.

With 60% of pilots striking, it’s expected that the airline will be able to run less than half of it global flights today (Monday). And the situation could worsen as the week goes on, with the pilots opting out of the strike needing legal rest. That will require even greater changes to flight schedules.

Private jet travel during the Air France strike

We are seeing a significant rise in enquiries and bookings for routes in and out of France, due to the delays and cancellations caused by the Air France strike. One last minute flight we arranged earlier today is for a group of 90 passengers, travelling from Milan to Paris for a business event. We arranged a private charter on a Fokker 100 regional airliner, and the travel agent organising the flight was surprised that the cost was less than €300 per person.

During times of airline disruption, it’s a great opportunity for the private aviation industry to showcase our flexibility and speed of response – what’s more, many people find private charter to be more affordable than they expect, especially for groups travelling together.

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