4 myths about private jet travel

The private jet is an iconic symbol – evoking glamour and luxury. But this can create a mistaken idea of what chartering a private jet really involves. Especially amongst those new to the industry.

This mythology can also mean that some travellers think private jet travel is not for them, when actually it could be.

At PrivateFly our aim is to make private aviation more transparent, more accessible – and better understood. So here we debunk the four biggest misconceptions about private jet travel.

Myth #1: Private jets are only for the rich & famous

Many believe only the rich and famous can afford to fly on private jets.

Yes we see A-list Hollywood stars boarding a private jet on a regular basis, thanks to the paparazzi. And yes, high profile individuals do enjoy the privacy offered by private aviation. But in reality, most private jet customers are not royalty or celebrities. Over 50% of private flights are for business use. For senior executives on a tight schedule, the efficiency benefits of a private jet can be compelling.

That’s because, while private aviation offers a more luxurious travel experience than an airline flight, it also saves time – a lot of time in many cases. For a multi-leg or tightly-scheduled business trip, being able to fly to a bespoke itinerary (with a late evening flight home), means you can achieve as much business value in a single day as you could in 2 or 3 by airline.

Some people also often think it costs far more than it actually does to fly by private jet. Yes it’s almost always more expensive than an airline seat, but a small jet (seating 4) within Europe starts from around £3,000 for a one hour flight. And remember the cost is always quoted for the whole aircraft, not per seat.

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Myth #2: It’s better to buy a jet than hire one

It's actually more expensive and less flexible to own a private jet than to charter!

While owning your own private jet outright may be the ultimate dream, it should stay firmly a fantasy – for almost everyone. An aircraft is a very expensive and time-consuming purchase.

For almost every private jet customer, it is smarter to charter than to own. With the costs of ongoing maintenance and depreciation – not to mention the paperwork – buying a private jet is a lot of work.

Chartering – that’s to say hiring an aircraft for a specific trip – gives you more flexibility and less hassle. And you can choose from over 7000 global private jets to charter, so you choose the most appropriate and cost-effective for each flight.

And these days, there’s no compromise on VIP service when you charter. At PrivateFly we save our clients’ preferences so that we have their favourite drinks, music or newspaper onboard – no matter which aircraft they choose.

Myth #3: You still have security hassles & delays on a private jet flight

Do you have to go through the same security when flying by private jet?

This is a common misconception. Many people believe that they will still have to queue in the main terminal for security screening, when travelling by private jet.

However, most airports have a specific terminal just for private jet passengers, called FBOs. And while the same security measurements are taken when flying by private jet as on commercial flights, the process is so seamless and quick, some passengers aren’t even aware that it happened.

Myth #4: Chartering a private jet is difficult & confusing 

Booking a private jet charter is easier than you think

That used to be true. Several years ago, if you wanted to book a private jet you could either approach a traditional broker over the phone, who would give you a few prices from a small pool of aircraft (you wouldn’t really know if these were the best options for you). Or you could spend hours tracking down individual aircraft operators, to get a price for your trip. It’s no wonder people thought it was all rather difficult and inaccessible.

But new business models like PrivateFly have now opened up private jet charter. And it’s not much different now to booking an airline seat. You can compare prices and aircraft online, easily and quickly. And you are in full control of the search and booking process – whether you choose to book online, via app or with our expert team.

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