4 ski flights this week (& their prices)

At this time of year, lots of our leisure flights are for clients visiting ski destinations. We’re now in peak season for private ski flights and our Flight Team are busy arranging flights to airports close to ski locations, in both Europe and North America.

As a snapshot, here are five ski flights in the past week, and their prices.

1) London to Chamonix in a Phenom 100

Ski flights by private jet

This was a new client travelling, on a 3-day ski break to Chamonix in France with his wife. They had two bags each plus skis, so we recommended an Embraer Phenom 100, which gave them plenty of space in the cabin and for luggage.

The client lives to the South of London, so wanted to fly from London Biggin Hill airport, just a few miles from home, to minimise ground transfer time.

How much does it cost by private jet?

Itinerary: London Biggin Hill Airport to Geneva Airport (3-day return)

Aircraft: Embraer Phenom 100 (4 seats)

Flight time: 1 hour 16 minutes

Price: £10,745

2) New York to Jackson Hole in a Gulfstream G200 

Gulfstream G200

Sometimes clients will have a clear preference for a certain aircraft manufacturer or aircraft type. And while we’ll often present other options if we think they may be a better fit, at the end of the day the customer is king!

Our New York-based client was heading for a week’s holiday to the ski resort of Grand Targhee, close to Jackson Hole in Wyoming. There would be six people travelling, and our client was particularly keen on chartering a Gulfstream, having flown in one before.

As the journey didn’t really require an ultra long range jet, we recommended a Gulfstream G200. This shares the comfort and performance of bigger Gulfstreams, but at a lower price point.

How much does it cost by private jet?

Itinerary: New York Teterboro to Jackson Hole (7-day return)

Aircraft: Gulfstream G200 (8 seats)

Flight time: 3 hour 37 mins

Price: $85,204

3) Geneva to St Moritz in a Citation Mustang

Citation Mustang

Although this customer lives in Geneva – already close to many excellent ski areas – they wanted to fly to St Moritz, just for the day, to meet a business client for lunch and some skiing.

This is very achievable at St Moritz if you’re flying private, as Samedan St Moritz airport is just 10 minutes from the slopes (the closest airport used by airlines is Zurich, 3 hours’ drive away). We could also create the itinerary to maximise the time in St Moritz, flying out early in the morning and returning in time for dinner at home.

A Citation Mustang small jet was the perfect solution for one passenger travelling on a short flight.

How much does it cost by private jet?

Itinerary: Geneva to Samedan St Moritz (day return)

Aircraft: Citation Mustang

Flight time: 44 mins

Price: €5,397

4) Lyon to Val Thorens in a AS350 helicopter

AS350 helicopter

During ski season we arrange a lot of private helicopter transfers to ski resorts, which can save considerable time on ground transfers – particularly at peak times when the roads leading to ski resorts can be very congested.

Sometimes the client will combine a helicopter with a private aircraft charter, other times they will be using airline flights, but want to speed up the final approach. This client was in the latter category, flying into Lyon on an airline flight with two friends, but then looking to avoid the 2 – 3 hour drive to Val Thorens, where they were skiing.

How much does it cost by private charter?

Itinerary: Lyon to Val Thorens (one way)

Aircraft: AS350

Flight Time: 40 minutes

Price: €2,360

For a personalised quote for your ski flight itinerary, use our flight search on the website or apps, or contact us – our Flight Team are available 24 hours on +44 1747 642 777.