Choosing a private jet – speed versus price

Every private jet flight is bespoke. Whether it’s about accessing a hard-to-reach location, travelling with family and/or pets, or arranging several meetings in one multi-leg itinerary – at PrivateFly, our job is to make every journey personal and unique.

Having said that, we’ve noticed that in many cases the right choice of aircraft for a customer comes down to two key factors – speed or price.

For some passengers, the number one priority is getting from A to B in the shortest possible time. Others will trade in a small percent of the journey time in order to find the most cost-effective aircraft for the trip.

To illustrate this, we’ve taken an average group of 4 passengers and looked at their non-stop options for different journeys. The question is, do you want to save money or save time?

Choosing a private jet - speed or price?