Double celebration for Embraer as the Praetor 500 exceeds certification goals

Embraer had two reasons to celebrate last week, with the aircraft manufacturer celebrating both its 50th birthday, and the ANAC (Brazilian civil aviation authority) certification of its latest business jet the Praetor 500. Certification in North America and Europe is set to follow imminently.

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Not only was the Praetor 500 certified, but it passed with flying colours, exceeding the performance goals set by the program. This makes it capable of longer flights than originally thought, including ‘corner to corner’ flights within the US, such as LA to New York or Seattle to Miami.

The Praetor 500’s enhanced performance

Derived from the Legacy 450 but with added range thanks to new engines, winglets and additional fuel capacity, the 8-seater Praetor 500 is Embraer’s newest entrant in the midsize segment. It follows close behind its bigger sibling the 12-seater Praetor 600, which is newly available for charter in Europe.

With four passengers the Praetor 500 can operate routes of 3,340nm (up from the goal of 3,250nm) and cruise at 466kts. With a takeoff distance of 4,222ft, it has excellent field performance – meaning it can access a wide range of shorter runways and challenging airfields.

Embraer Praetor 500

The Praetor 500 is now certified in Brazil. Image: Embraer.

Other unique features of the Praetor 500 include its fly-by-wire flight control system, the only aircraft in the midsize class to fully employ this technology. The aircraft also has a category-leading cabin altitude of 5,800 feet (1,768 metres) which, along with its turbulence reduction technology, gives an excellent cabin experience for passengers.

Embraer Praetor galley & cabin

The Praetor aircraft have a super stylish and spacious cabin. Image: Embraer


Inside the cabin it’s very impressive and spacious. With a two metre standing height and seating for eight that fully reclines and swivels. There’s also a galley for hot food preparation, and a very generous luggage compartment.

There’s no shortage of style too, with Embraer’s design team reaching a new level of detail with the Praetors, including custom-stitched seating; bespoke designer silk and wool carpets; and carbon fibre retractable tables.

When will the Praetor 500 be available for charter?

With the first Praetor 600 in the European charter market entering the charter market so soon after its certification earlier this summer, we’re hoping to see the same pattern with the Praetor 500.

In the meantime, there are many Legacy models in the market, available at more competitive prices. (See our exclusive pricing on the Legacy 600 this summer in our City Pairs offer).

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