What is a private jet empty leg?

You might have heard the term ’empty leg’ used to describe a discounted private jet flight.

Here’s our guide to empty legs, including what to look out for and how to find them.

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Empty legs explained

An empty leg, also known as an empty sector, is the return portion of a booked one-way private charter flight. The aircraft needs to fly empty to reposition itself for its next customer or to return to its home base. Just as a taxi would often need to do on the ground.

What is an empty leg?


Why are empty legs sold at a discounted price?

Private jets are a bespoke travel solution, so often the aircraft operator may not be able to find a full-price customer who wants to charter that particular aircraft, for that specific route and time.

As they need to move the aircraft anyway, the operator will generally offer the empty part of the flight at a significant discount, compared to the full charter price.

How much do private jet empty legs cost?

Empty leg flights are often available at up to 75% discount on the usual charter price. The exact price will depends on the route and the operator. Operators are often prepared to offer exceptionally low prices at the last minute, if they haven’t been able to sell the flight at full price.

So if you are prepared to be flexible, an empty leg flight can be a great way of accessing private jet travel, at close-to-airline prices. An empty leg can be combined with airline flights or worked into a private charter schedule, to give a very cost-effective price for your trip. Here’s our latest empty leg prices

How can I find out which empty legs are available?

PrivateFly is committed to improving the way the industry communicates its empty leg offers to customers. With a global network of over 7,000 private charter aircraft, we have access to a large number of the most competitive empty legs on the market.

PrivateFly’s iPhone and iPad app includes the latest empty legs.

Simply download the app from the App store, and search for empty legs to or from your chosen airport.

The app is free to download and also offers location-based services, such as closest private jet airports; and a ‘Jet Me Home’ tool which gives instant prices to your home airport from any location.

It also gives access to PrivateFly’s global network, giving pricing for full charter services, airport information, plus aircraft images and detailed aircraft specifications.

You can also see latest empty legs on offer on the PrivateFly website.

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