19 January 2021

How to book a last minute ‘go now’ private jet

On-demand private jet charter is well-positioned to meet the needs of the last minute traveller, with over 20% of our clients taking off the same day or the next day throughout 2020.

The changes to travel trends brought by the COVID-19 pandemic have brought greater demand for short notice flying – for a number of reasons.

Travel and quarantine regulations continue to change rapidly, sometimes with only a day or two’s notice, creating urgent demand to fly before new rules are introduced. Some are medical or urgent evacuation flights. And with additional airline cancellations and delays, others are looking for an alternative way to get home.

When clients contact us with a request to take off as soon as possible, we call these flights a ‘go now’.

Need a last minute ‘go now’ private jet? Our 24-hour team is are ready and waiting to assist. Contact us or call +44 (0)20 7100 6960.

Our fastest ‘go now’ flights have taken off in a matter of minutes – when clients are already at the airport and there is an available aircraft ready to fly. But we have frequently had clients airborne in an hour or two.

As PrivateFly has a large accredited network of charter aircraft, we can usually find an aircraft available at short notice, using our combination of technology and our 24/7 expert team. And while the soonest possible departure time can depend on a number of factors, we do everything we can to make it come together as soon as possible.

If you regularly fly at short notice and want to be confident that an aircraft will be available for you then our membership programs are an excellent choice. Our Jet Account makes the private charter booking and payment process fast and seamless, and the PrivateFly Jet Card offers guaranteed aircraft availability on your preferred aircraft type within 24 hours.

Here’s an example of how a ‘go now’ flight can work:

A ‘go now’ flight from Ibiza to London

Time since enquiry

Local Time

What’s happening now?

0 minutes  11:00 A client in Ibiza Town calls with a ‘go now’ request to fly to London, departing ASAP.
1 minute  11:01 The Flight Adviser verifies the requirement and details with the client.
2 minutes  11:02 The Flight Adviser pinpoints aircraft already at Ibiza, using PrivateFly’s technology to identify the best available aircraft.
10 minutes  11:10 The client receives an update and leaves by car for the short drive to the FBO (private terminal) at Ibiza airport, so they can be ready for boarding as soon as the aircraft is ready.
12 minutes  11:12 Three aircraft are available either on the ground or about to land in Ibiza, and quotes are submitted within 10 minutes. The client sees each quote and chooses their preferred option.
14 minutes  11:14 The client confirms the booking, paying by credit card. The passengers have flown with PrivateFly before so we already have their passport details to submit for security and immigration.
40 minutes  11:40 The Captain introduces himself to the client in the FBO lounge while the aircraft is prepared for departure. A flight plan is acknowledged with the authorities, with a take-off slot at 12:00 local time.
50 minutes  11:50 The passengers are taken directly to the steps of the aircraft and they board. The aircraft is now ready for take-off, with all checks complete.
1 hour  12:00 The aircraft takes off from Ibiza, heading north to London Luton. Our Flight Team liaise with the FBO at Luton, to arrange to have a car waiting at the other end for the passengers to make a quick exit.

FAQs: Last minute ‘go now’ private jet flights

How quickly can a private jet take off?

This does depend on the route but the same day is often no problem and some flights can be arranged within a hour (see example above). Our technology means we can rapidly identify the closest available aircraft for your flight.

There are occasions when it can take longer – for example when permits are required (something that is currently more of an issue between the UK and EU in the aftermath of Brexit). And during the COVID-19 pandemic, flights on some routes do require more paperwork and pre-planning, depending on the requirements of entry at the destination.

Can I have catering on board for a last minute flight?

Catering can certainly be arranged, and specific requests can be accommodated but can require extra time, which you might wish to avoid. Snacks and drinks are always available and in many cases the usual private jet catering will be provided – such as sandwiches, pastries and fruit.

Why is a passport scan required?

A passport scan is required to verify your identity for security reasons and can streamline the immigration process at the airport.

My airline flight is cancelled so I have booked a private jet flight instead. How do I get to the private terminal at the same airport?

Our team will send you full, clear directions to the FBO (private jet terminal) and we can arrange car transfers if required.

Can I pay by bank transfer for last minute flights?

Absolutely. A credit card hold is required to secure the aircraft for flights at very short notice. But customers can choose to pay by other methods after the hold is taken.

When will I have crew details for a last minute flight?

As soon as you confirm your booking, the crew will be arranged. Usually they are on standby nearby and full crew details will always be provided before the flight – regardless of the booking lead time. The Captain will meet you outside the aircraft before boarding.

The aircraft is ready, when can we take off?

All departures are subject to approval by Air Traffic Control. So while many flights can be off the ground almost immediately, sometimes there will be a wait for a take-off slot, while the aircraft is cleared. At smaller airports, there are fewer slot restrictions and the runway is less busy, so take-off can often be faster.

Need a last minute ‘go now’ private jet? Our 24-hour Flight Team are ready and waiting to assist. Contact us or call +44 (0)20 7100 6960.

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