How upcycled aircraft parts become a work of art

Have you ever wondered what happens to an aircraft’s parts after it is decommissioned?

Well the lucky ones are upcycled into beautiful art or furniture. And we were so thrilled last week to see three of Intrepid Design’s newest pieces installed at our new UK office. The company is becoming a leader in its field – transforming decommissioned aviation and aircraft parts into stunning, one-off pieces of furniture and objets d’art.

Engine cowling mirror

This stunning mirror is made from a 737-700 engine cowling.

Intrepid Design’s unique pieces are becoming increasingly sought after by interior designers, private clients and corporates, and are showcased at a number of top UK FBOs. The company’s founder Andrew Jackman sources the original parts all over the world.

Andrew says “I will see or hear about an available part, and usually have an immediate view on its potential. I work with a great team of designers and craftspeople who treat these pearls of aviation engineering and history with enormous respect.”

Intrepid Design’s aim is to turn an aircraft part into something that restores and showcases the original function, while also taking on a modern and exciting new form in itself. One of the new pieces in PrivateFly’s office is a spectacular mirror, made from an engine cowling. At almost 2 metres wide and 1.7 metres high, it’s a huge piece, weighing 75kg.

Andrew explains its origin and transformation:

“The cowl was removed from a B737-300 which was at the time operated by Air Italy. The forward fuselage was used as a steak restaurant in Bolton called Steaks on a Plane! I purchased it from an aircraft spares company, who needed more space in their warehouse. Being so big, it was quite a job to cut it to height, then to have it highly polished and the mirror fitted.

Engine cowling

The original engine cowling was discovered in an aircraft spares warehouse.

“Then there was the challenge of finding an expanse of wall large enough to showcase such an amazing piece. This is where PrivateFly came in – providing a large white wall in their modern bright office, which displays the mirror to perfection. Given its size and weight, it took about an hour to fit, with a custom made wall bracket and extra large fixings.”

In addition to the mirrow, we are also displaying a rare full carbon 777-300 fan blade on a motorised rotating base, and a Pegasus LP2 polished titanium fan blade coffee table. Every piece from Intrepid Design is completely unique, and there is a fabulous story behind each one.

For more stunning images and information about Intrepid Design’s work, visit their website