Jets For Less

I am often asked about the lowest price per person you can achieve by private jet charter.

The time-saving and service benefits of a private aircraft are well understood: Set your own (flexible) schedule; no waiting around at the airport; VIP customer service; privacy and comfort. But does this always come at a cost of thousands?

Perhaps surprisingly, the cost per person can be under £500 and, in some cases, can compare favourably to business class airline fares.

Turboprop – from £475 per person

King Air PricesBeech King Air 200
Seats: 8
Biggin Hill – Amsterdam (day return)
Total price from: £3,800

private aircraft seatsThe key to achieving a low cost per head? Fill the seats. When you hire a private jet, the price you pay is for the whole aircraft, regardless of how many passengers you put on it. So by filling all the seats, the cost efficiency is greater.

This is increasingly becoming a popular idea with groups looking to travel together for a special occasion, such as a family wedding, hen trip or golf trips – without the hassles of the airline experience.

By choosing the right aircraft for their group, they can keep the cost per person down as low as possible, while still maximising the huge benefits of travelling in a private aircraft. The cost of overnight stays can also be avoided or minimised, as the return flight can be arranged for late evening on the final day of the trip.

Empty sectors

Empty sectorsAn empty sector flight will give an even lower cost per head – as low as £250 in some cases.

Empty sectors become available when private jets are booked for a one way flight or need to reposition for the next set of passengers. The unsold leg of the flight is called the empty leg and can be booked for a price of up to 75% less than a conventional private jet charter.

Empty legs can work well for group travel, combined with airline flights, and the price per person can then be very small indeed.

For example, a recent empty leg offered from Paris to London in a Citation CJ2, seating 6 passengers. This would cost just £250 person for a group of six (£1500 for the whole aircraft). See current empty sectors.

Below are some examples of private charters by aircraft type, with a cost-effective price per person. For a personalised price for any global trip, try our online flight search or contact the team (24 hrs) on +44 (0) 1747 642 777.

Piston Prop – from £630 per person

Diamond Twin Star CharterDA42 Diamond Twin-Star
Seats: 3
Biggin Hill – Manchester (one way)
Total price from: £1,900

Turboprop – from £475 per person

King Air PricesBeech King Air 200
Seats: 8
Biggin Hill – Amsterdam (day return)
Total price from: £3,800

Very Light Jet – from €1,200 per person

Mustang jet charterCitation 510 Mustang
Seats: 4
Ibiza – Nice (one way)
Total price from: €4,800

Light Jet – from £1055 per person

Light jet hire pricesCitation 550 Bravo
Seats: 7
Manchester – Paris (day return)
Total price from: £7,400

Medium Jet – from £960 per person

Citation XLCitation XL/XLS
Seats: 8
London Luton – Aberdeen (day return)
Total price from: £7,700

Long Range Jet – from £660 per person

Legacy Private Jet charterLegacy 600
Seats: 13
London Luton – Manchester (One-Way)
Total price from: £8,600