Milan Linate now closed until October

Milan’s primary airport for private jet charter is now closed for a three month runway and terminal renovation project. Milan Linate Airport (LIN) – which is also a top 10 airport in Europe – closed on July 27 and will not reopen until October 27.

During the closure, most private jet flights will transfer to Milan Malpensa (MXP) instead, around an hour to the west of the city.

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Flying in and out of Malpensa will mean a longer transfer time in or out of Milan for passengers who usually use Linate (which is only 6 miles from the city centre, to the east). But those travelling to the Italian Lakes won’t see much of a difference in journey times.

Another alternative is Bergamo Orio al Serio (BGY), slightly further away to the east. This may be a better option than Malpensa for travellers heading to the Italian Grand Prix in Monza in September.

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Why do airports close at busy times?

The summer travel peak is not ideal timing for a major European city airport to close. But it’s not the only one – London’s RAF Northolt is also undergoing runway renovations and closed its doors from the beginning of April, with plans to reopen in November.

These types of renovations are something that all airports must undertake every 10 – 15 years and the work is best undertaken in the warmer weather, which unfortunately means closures during busy periods.

With Milan being a popular destination for private jet travellers in the summer months, Malpensa will see a big increase in flight activity over this period – and has been preparing with special procedures for business aviation operators and crews.


So while it will be very busy there, private jet flights can still be arranged to and from Milan, using Malpensa instead. We’d advise passengers to book further ahead if possible and to allow a little bit more time than usual when arriving or departing, given how busy the airport will be over this period.

PrivateFly’s City Pairs pricing to & from Milan

Milan is one of the destinations in PrivateFly’s City Pairs offer this summer – fixed and discounted rates on specific aircraft and routes. And these rates are still valid for Milan Malpensa.

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