The Private Pet Set

Dog in sunglassesLast week, teen pop star Justin Bieber hit the headlines when he kept his private jet waiting in Florida for eight hours, when his pet monkey went missing.

It’s also claimed that he chartered a helicopter to get through the traffic to the beach to be reunited with his monkey before getting on his jet from Miami to Burbank. See private jet prices from Miami to Burbank

This is a headline-hitting example of the extreme lengths that owners will go to to look after their pets, but it’s clear that more and more customers are putting their pets, and their welfare while travelling, top of their priority list.

At PrivateFly, we definitely DO give a monkey’s and we’ve flown all manner, size and shape of pets on jets, all over the world.

Dogs are the most common, but we’ve also flown cats, parrots, ferrets and snakes. There are, of course regulations for pet travel, depending on the country and routing.

The PETS travel scheme in the UK, for example, allows UK residents to take cats, dogs or ferrets to other European Union countries without the need for quarantine. More advice about flying with pets by private jet. 

We’re certainly seeing a rise of the Private Pet Set on the move this summer. Whether it’s second home owners, families relocating, or holidaymakers…many of our customers just don’t want to leave their furry friends behind.