Supermodels: The Davids & Goliaths of Private Jets

Private jets come in all sizes and it’s currently the extremes of the size spectrum that are seeing the most growth in Europe. Here Mehdi and Olga are modelling the Citation Mustang and the Bombardier Global Express.

The scale might not make the point too clearly here (but we couldn’t resist the photo opportunity!). However these two aircraft are the David and Goliath of the private jet market.

David & Goliath of private jets

Our two supermodels are currently the most fashionable in Europe, reflecting the continuing polarised aircraft choice of Europe’s private jet customers.

Recent market data from WINGX-Advance shows that Mustang flights were +8.1% in July and the Global Express exceptionally strong at +18%. The Global Express is proving especially popular, even for shorter range flights of 2-3 hours.

In today’s climate is customers are choosing efficiency or luxury. But increasingly avoiding the middle-ground – the small and medium jet category. The medium-sized Citation XLS might remain the most popular private jet in the world. But it is currently seeing a slight decrease in demand, while these other aircraft are increasing in popularity.

There are those under increased scrutiny on travel costs who will want to keep costs down as much as possible by choosing a VLJ (Very Light Jet).

Then there are those who want to make a bigger impression. The ULRs (Ultra Long Range Jets) are their category of choice.

As the name implies, ULR jets cover long distances, without a fuel stop. So they are the most effective choice of private aircraft to reach emerging markets in Asia, Africa and South America from Europe or the USA. When the world’s economic growth hotspots are located 5,000 miles away, this goes some way to explain why these jets have grown in popularity.

But they are also popular for shorter distances, sometimes to cater for larger groups, but also for clients who don’t need the range or size that these aircraft offer – but who want the superior speed, space and style of a large VIP aircraft. The Global Express certainly fits the bill.

Let’s take a closer look at the contenders.Cessna Citation Mustang

The Citation Mustang – small but perfectly formed

The Citation Mustang sets the standard in the Very Light Jet (VLJ) category. It functions as the next price point up from a twin propeller aircraft, with an hourly rate of £1,300, yet still packs a punch on style and efficiency.

For our customers, it’s the most popular aircraft for flights of up to one hour. See more on private jet hourly rates

The aircraft seats four passengers in a cosy but sleek cabin. It may be small but it certainly packs a punch in VIP style terms.

The Mustang has six large oval windows and club seating, with executive tables, refreshment storage and all-leather seating.

Bombardier Global ExpressThe Bombardier Global Express – makes a big impression

The Global Express might look like a large airliner from the outside – and offer the same range and flight technology – but that’s where the similarity ends.

When you step inside, the high-spec VIP interior can be configured to include an office, boardroom, fully-fitted shower room, kitchen, separate cloakroom and bedroom – in addition to seating for between 13 and 19 passengers.

The Global Express was the pioneer of the ULR category when it was first launched.

Rivals such as the Gulfstream G550 have since come into operation but its reputation for style and performance means the Global Express still commands a strong following.

The Global can fly at speeds of 410 kts, between any two points on the globe with just a single fuel stop – so it popular for routes such as Paris to LA or New York to Tokyo.

Ironically the mighty Global Express, in Europe, is mostly utilised on shorter flights well within its maximum range

The Global is particularly popular with Russian clients, travelling from Moscow to France.

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