October 21, 2014

Tech brings charter nose-to-nose with fractional, says FT

Great to see the recent Financial Times article Online technology challenges fractional model. The article, by Michael Dempsey, looks at how the traditional advantages of fractional ownership are being overturned by charter, now that online technology such as PrivateFly has made charter so much more accessible – and so much faster.

Speed is absolutely critical to private aviation – and not just in the air (though that obviously matters too. See more: Which aircraft is now the fastest private jet in existence?).

Speed in the availability and booking process is something we are more than a little obsessed with here at PrivateFly. And we’ve made big strides in speeding up charter booking over the last few years – whether that’s allowing customers to see instant prices online; creating app versions of our platform; integrating our systems with the aircraft operators’ own software; or offering the fastest possible payment solutions.

There is still work to be done and we are working hard on some exciting new developments – watch this space. But it’s fantastic to see the work we’ve already done being recognised as bringing the charter segment nose-to-nose with fractional ownership (here’s an explanation of the key differences between the two: Charter versus fractional ownership).

As the article says, fractional ownership’s benefits of giving guaranteed access, in a hurry, are now available through charter, thanks to technology such as PrivateFly. In today’s economic climate it’s getting harder and harder for many business aviation customers to justify paying a premium for being tied to one supplier.

If you’re a fractional ownership customer looking to switch to charter, our Flight Team can give advice and help you compare your options. Contact us or call (24 hours) +44 1747 642 777.

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