The Legacy 500 now available for charter

Since deliveries began late last year, we’ve been eagerly anticipating the new midsize Legacy 500 to become available to charter on the PrivateFly network. And we’re pleased to say it is now ready and waiting.

This technologically-advanced jet – heralded as a a ‘game-changer’ by manufacturer Embraer – has now become available to our clients through an operator in the Middle East.

The 8-seater Legacy 500 slots in perfectly to Embraer’s already successful line of aircraft – including its larger long-range sister, the Legacy 600, and a shorter version of the aircraft, the Legacy 450. It will be now be competing in the charter market against existing, comparable aircraft such as the Challenger 300Citation X, and Hawker 1000.

Embraer have an impressive track record with new aircraft launches in recent years – they are now the third largest manufacturer of private jets in the world. So there’s every chance the Legacy 500 will be as commercially successful as its hangar mates.

Here’s a closer look at this highly-anticipated new aircraft.


At 6 ft tall and 6 ft 10 in. wide, the Legacy 500 cabin is the largest in its class; offering the only stand-up, flat floor cabin in the midsize jet category. With a full-equipped galley, the Legacy 500 can carry up to eight passengers, who can all enjoy excellent connectivity and in-flight entertainment.

Featuring the largest windows in its class, the Legacy 500’s cabin is bright and spacious, with each seat able to fully recline and swivel and the windows perfectly aligned to match each seating position. Additionally, the Legacy 500 has four seats that convert into a flat bed berthing area.


There is also plenty of space for luggage, with a large, heated luggage compartment able to accommodate up to 14 large suitcases, 4 garment bags, and 6 pairs of skis.

Pushing limits on speed and range

The Legacy 500 has a range of 3125 nm, so can cover routes such as London or Paris to Dubai – or coast-to-coast in the US. And with a maximum speed of Mach 0.83, it’s one of the fastest jets in its class.

That’s been proven by 4 new world speed records this year. The first two were set for “Speed over a Recognised Course” on a round-trip flight from Oakland, California to Lihue, Hawaii, with six passengers on board, covering 2,135 nm. The flight from Oakland to Lihue was completed in 5 hours and 49 minutes, achieving an average ground speed of 420 mph, while the return flight only took 4 hours and 11 minutes, at an average ground speed of 586 mph.

The third speed record set by the Legacy 500 was in route to Friedrichshafen, Germany from Bangor, Maine. The 3,210 nm flight was completed in 6 hours and 50 minutes, with three passengers onboard.

And finally, the fourth speed record was set from Dusseldorf, Germany to Dubai, spanning a distance of 3,268 nm, the longest Legacy 500 flight to date. The flight duration was 7 hours and 3 minutes, with an average hourly fuel consumption of only 1590 lbs.


The Legacy 500 offers more advanced avionics than any other midsize business jet. It’s the first to replace conventional controls with a full fly-by-wire (FBW) platform. FBW technology enables a smoother, more natural feeling flight by translating the manual input from the pilot electronically, rather than mechanically. It also allows for maximum performance and control, while at the same time, reducing the pilot workload and creating a smoother flight for passengers.

Additionally, the aircraft has a state-of-the-art cockpit, with superior capabilities and functionalities, including paperless operations, improved ergonomics, and sidestick controllers for a better view of displays.

For passengers, the Legacy 500 has the best cabin pressurization in its class, making it exceptionally comfortable for long flights. It also boasts lower emissions and reduced noise compared to its competitors, making the flight even quieter for those on board.

It also offers high-definition inflight entertainment, a cabin management system, and individual touchscreen and wireless iPad/iPhone controls.

To charter a Legacy 500 for your next trip, or for advice on which aircraft is right for you, contact us or speak to our Flight Team (24 hours) at +44 1747 642 777.