Last Chance: Vote For Your Top Runway View

Time is running out for you to help your top airport win in our annual Airport Approaches Poll.

The poll has been receiving thousands of votes from flyers, travelers, aviation enthusiasts, and locals from all over the world, as they fight to get the most votes in for their favorite airport.

Saba's short runway made the shortlist for this year's poll.

Currently, there is a very heated competition taking place between the top three airports, with only a few votes deciding between each of them! That’s why we’re announcing one final last push to see which of the top airports in the poll can squeeze in a few more votes and try to claim the coveted top spot in our poll.

Previous Airport Poll Winners

Nice Cote d’Azur was able to claim the title of “Best Airport Approach of 2014” last year, with one voter commenting “It is SO beautiful. We fly in over the Alps, spectacular in themselves, and then quite suddenly the Mediterranean sea is before us, along with a view of much of the coastline, including – of course – Nice. The approach into Nice is simply the most beautiful in the world!”

The year before that, it was St Maarten, the Caribbean island famed for its low approach over the sea and beach, which claimed the top spot. And in 2012, the tiny Scottish island of Barra received the most votes, due to being the only airport in the world where scheduled and private charter flights land and take off from a beach.

Barra's unique landing is a favorite among voters.

All three have made the shortlist this year, and have received a large number of votes already, but will any of them be the first airport to claim the top spot twice? Will one of our previous winners be removed from our Top 10 airports for the year? It’s up to you:

New Contenders For 2015

While many airports who frequently make the top 10 list of favorite airport landings each year are receiving numerous votes again this year, there are a few new airports that are getting quite a bit of attention from voters.

Las Vegas McCarran airport is a particular favorite, not only for this year’s voters, but also for our judging panel. Doug Gollan said that “arriving at night to McCarran airport makes the Las Vegas strip look like some type of miniature recreation. It’s always worth a window seat when you fly there.”

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is getting a lot of attention this year.

Additionally, Queenstown Airport in New Zealand is getting quite a bit of attention from voters this year, while numerous last minute votes are still coming in for Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

Which ones will receive enough votes to make the Top 10? Will any of them be able to take the title of “Best Airport Landing of 2015”? If you think one of these new contenders deserve to win, make your choice known by voting below:

Have Your Say – Vote For Your Favorite Airport Landing 2015

Will it be one of these, or a different airport that is named the most stunning landing 2015? Voting will be closing next week – so make sure you let us know your favorite by voting.

You can see which 37 airports made our shortlist in March, along with what makes them stunning. Then cast your vote for one of them – or pick your own choice entirely.

The list of Top 10 airports will be announced later this spring, so stay tuned to see if your vote made the difference.