Meet the Praetor 500, Coming Soon

While a lot of buzz has centered around Embraer’s Praetor 600, it’s younger sister, the Praetor 500, is also due to be flying soon. And with Embraer’s 50 years celebration, there’s plenty of good news for the Brazilian manufacturer.

From ground-breaking airliners to record-beating private jets, Embraer has certainly carved itself a name among the top aircraft manufacturers in the world.

We take a closer look at the Praetor 500 and what makes it tick – and, most importantly, when we’ll see it available for charter.

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A new midsize jet is almost available: meet the Praetor 500.

Embraer’s two newest business jets were unveiled in October 2018 at NBAA, in Orlando. The Praetor 600 then achieved certification in April 2019 – and just today the Praetor 500 has also received type certification from the Brazilian civil aviation authority, ANAC.

The Praetor 500. Image: Embraer

The Praetor 500. Image: Embraer

It’s a huge step for the fly-by-wire aircraft – and we expect other aviation authorities to follow suit quickly.

But what makes it special? Take a video tour with CEO Adam Twidell to see for yourself:

The retail price-tag on the Praetor 500 is set to come in at $16.9M, with Embraer confirming orders already placed.


Rather than starting from scratch, Embraer took a page from the Legacy design; the Praetor 500 is based on the Legacy 450, while the Praetor 600 is based on the Legacy 500. However, the Praetor models will have a redesigned cabin experience with state of the art technology, and most impressively, a longer range.

embraer praetor 500

Image: Embraer

Both jets feature winglets, which add aerodynamic efficiency, as well as added fuel capacity – making them capable of longer flights. The Praetor 500 will be able to complete cross-country flights, or flights of up to 3,340 nm.

The Cabin

The elegant 6ft-tall flat-floor cabin feature plush seats that recline & swivel as you please. The cabin also features a generous baggage hold – including a part that’s accessible in-flight – totalling 150 cu ft.

praetor 500 cabin

Image: Embraer


The Praetor 500 can seat 7-9 people depending on the configuration.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the development of this exciting midsize jet – particularly when it becomes available for charter.

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