Our Top 10 Most-Chartered Aircraft

When it comes to chartering a private jet, the options are almost endless; from tiny two-seaters to supersized VIP airliners, clients get the flexibility to choose what aircraft suits their trip best. However, most of our clients tend to fall somewhere in the middle – and that’s what our latest Private Jet Charter Trend Report revealed too.

The full report includes findings on who flies by private jet, when they fly, and what aircraft they fly on. We discuss below the top 10 most-chartered aircraft for Q2 2019 (from April, May, & June) and what that reflects for business aviation going forward.

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1) Nextant 400XTi

The Nextant 400XTi strikes a sweet balance of low operating cost, high performance, & style.


Perfect for flights of 2-3 hours, the Nextant 400XTi is fast, modern and spacious for a small jet – seating 6 and with a private lavatory onboard.

How much does it cost to charter a Nextant 400XTi? With our exclusive City Pairs offer, you can fly in a Nextant 400XTi to multiple European destinations from €4,500.

2) Cessna Citation XLS/XLS+

The popular super-midsize jet is great for 3-4 hour flights, and with 8 seats, a whole group can fly.


How much does it cost to charter a Citation XLS? Fly from Miami to Boston from $36,000 one way.

3) Embraer Legacy 600

The Embraer Legacy 600 is an impressive, 13-seater jet, offering plenty of space and comfort for larger groups and excellent luggage capacity. Its flight range of 3,250nm makes it capable of longer European trips of up to several hours.

As with the Nextant 400XTi, PrivateFly offers this aircraft at exclusive fixed prices on key routes in Europe in our City Pairs offer. Which has helped to make it our most popular large cabin jet in 2019.


How much does it cost to charter a Legacy 600? On our European City Pairs offer, fly between London & Amsterdam for €13,500.

4) Cessna Citation CJ2

Cessna’s 6-seater CJ2 is one of its popular Citation Jet models. No longer manufactured, it nevertheless remains popular in the charter market both in Europe and the US, due to its cost-effective pricing for short private charter flights, combined with Cessna’s reputation for reliability.

Citation CJ2 Flying_600x400

How much does it cost to charter a Citation CJ2? Fly from Atlanta to New York from $14,000 one way.

5) Cessna Citation Mustang

Particularly popular in Europe, the Mustang is known as a cost-effective “Very Light Jet” for quick flights.


How much does it cost to charter a Citation Mustang? Fly between Paris & London from £4,800 (or $6,000) one way.

6) Embraer Phenom 300

The Phenom 300 is on the larger end of light jets, but still packs a punch; it offers flat-bed seating for added cabin comfort and is popular across the US & Europe.

Phenom 300

How much does it cost to charter a Phenom 300? Fly from Atlanta to New York from $18,000 one way.

7) Embraer Phenom 100

Another 4-seater VLJ, the Phenom 100 is an alternative to the Citation Mustang – offering a sleek BMW-designed interior, a private lavatory and good luggage space.

Phenom100 600x400

How much does it cost to charter a Phenom 100? A one way flight from Paris to Geneva starts at €5,000.

8) Cessna Citation Bravo

Yet another popular Cessna model, the Bravo offers cost-effective performance that resonates in particular with American travelers.


How much does it cost to charter a Citation Bravo? A one way flight between New York & Boston starts from $6,000.

9) Cessna Citation CJ3

The Citation CJ3 is one of the later Citation Jet models and is still manufactured by Cessna in its CJ3+ variant. With 14 windows and a modern cabin, it’s a great choice for short flights, for up to 6 passengers.

Citation CJ3 exterior

How much does it cost to charter a Citation CJ3? Jet from San Francisco to Las Vegas from $9,000 one way.

10) Cessna Citation Ultra

Like the Bravo, the Citation Ultra is another established Cessna Citation model that remains popular, particularly in the US. Seating up to 8 people, it can be a cost-effective choice for flights of 2-3 hours.


How much does it cost to charter a Citation Ultra? Fly from Houston to New York City from $20,000 one way.


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