Private Jet Packing Tips: Travel Like a Pro

Private jet charter travel affords the luxury of choosing your aircraft, your departure time and place, and of course: not dealing with luggage fees, carry-on struggles, and overhead bin pile-ups. Private jet cabins are built around your comfort, so the storage configurations can vary widely depending on the aircraft.

We rounded up some of the best tips for packing for your next private jet charter from our expert flight advisers and clients:

1) Size of the Jet Determines Size of Storage

From turbo-prop aircraft to long-range jets, there is a wide selection of jets available for charter, with each aircraft features its own storage compartments and capabilities. Factors such as number of passengers on board, weight of luggage, and range of trip can affect your flight, so be sure to tell your flight adviser as many details as possible so they can recommend the most appropriate aircraft.

There can be some jets that have surprising storage capabilities though. For example, the Phenom 100 is a light jet, but has the largest baggage capacity in its category – up to 67 cu.ft.

Citation Longitude Interior

Citation Longitude Interior

Another  surprising comparison would be the relatively small storage capacity of the Challenger 604 (just 115 cu.ft.) versus its long-range companion, the Legacy 600 (with 240 cu.ft.). Though both fit in the same category, their configurations and baggage areas are quite different!

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2) Pack Soft

While hard luggage may serve to protect your belongings on a commercial flight, there’s less risk of damage on a private jet charter. Depending on the aircraft, some luggage compartments are accessed from the cabin, so packing a more malleable bag can help fit everything easier.  We love this one from our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.

troubador 700x400

The Troubador Weekender Bag – a stylish soft-exterior option.

Keep the devices and items you want in-flight in a smaller bag for easy access.

3) Go Wrinkle-Free

Often times private jet charter is used for business travel, in which case stowing a suit jacket or dress wrinkle-free may be necessary. We recommend a garment bag – and let your flight hostess hang it up in the galley for you.

If at all possible, try wrinkle-free options.

4) Special Items

Private jet charters are useful for quick transfers to ski resorts, music festivals, exclusive golf resorts or smaller Caribbean islands. However, sometimes these trips come with special luggage such as snow skis, golf clubs, scuba equipment or even musical instruments.

Private jet charter allows you the flexibility to bring these items on-board with you, but also may pose difficulties if you don’t let your flight adviser know in advance. For example, some luggage compartments on smaller aircraft may not accommodate oddly-shaped items such as golf clubs or guitars, so you may need to upgrade your aircraft size.


Quick island hops can get you to your island getaway quickly!

The Pilatus PC-12 is a popular option for trips with oddly-shaped baggage; its large rear cargo door makes for a great storage capacity.

5) Skip Security Restrictions

When packing for a commercial flight, you might be concerned about the size of your liquids in your carry-on or checked luggage, but with a private jet charter feel free to pack whatever toiletries & liquids you like.

The sleek interior of the Citation CJ3.

The sleek interior of the Citation CJ3.

Keep in mind that as much detail as you can provide to your flight adviser, the more personalized the flight can be for your needs. As a general rule of thumb, try to pack light and enjoy your flight!

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