The Four Biggest Misconceptions About Private Jets

The idea of flying on a private jet sounds exciting, romantic and sometimes – far-fetched. Many people tend to have a mistaken idea of what chartering a private jet actually entails, thinking it’s not a preferable choice for them.

So what are myths and what’s the truth about private jets? PrivateFly has debunked the four biggest misconceptions in our quest to make booking private jet hire more transparent for you:

Private Jets Are Only For The Rich and Famous

Many believe only the rich and famous can afford to fly on private jets.

The paparazzi ensure that we see A-list Hollywood stars boarding a private jet on a regular basis, but in actuality, the majority of private jet customers are not international stars or royalty. Over 50% of private flights are for business use, and for senior business members on a tight schedule, the efficiency benefits of a private jet are significant.

That’s because, while private aviation certainly offers a more luxurious experience and costs more than an airline ticket, it is often used as a preferred mode of transportation for a different reason – to save time.

Owning a Private Jet Is Better Than Hiring One

It’s actually more expensive and less flexible to own a private jet than to charter!

A private jet is a very expensive and time-consuming purchase. For almost every private jet traveler, it is smarter to charter rather than own. Between maintenance and paperwork, owning a private plane is a lot of work. Chartering gives you more flexibility and less hassle – plus, you can choose from over 7000 global private jets to charter, rather than relying on just one!

Security Is Just As Painful As On A Commercial Flight

Do you have to go through the same security when flying by private jet?

This is a common misconception that people have – that they will have to stand in a line in the main terminal to go through standard TSA security screenings. However, most airports have a specific terminal just for private jet passengers, called FBOs. And while the same security measurements are taken when flying by private jet as on commercial flights, the process is so seamless and quick, some passengers aren’t even aware that it happened!

Private Jet Chartering Is Complicated And Confusing

Booking a private jet charter is easier than you think

Chartering a private jet is just as easy as booking an airline ticket when you use PrivateFly. Our flight cost calculator lets you compare hundreds of private jets for your specific trip, putting you in control of the booking process.

Or if you want expert help, our 24/7 Flight Team is always available by phone at (866)726-1222 or you can contact us online here.