5 flights this week: It’s all about the customer

A big part of the appeal of private aviation is in its bespoke nature – the customer can have their flights tailored to fit their exact needs.

And our Flight Team like nothing better than making every detail perfect. Whether that’s simply designing the schedule to fit a complex itinerary, having a particular brand of drink onboard, hosting a nervous guest (or pet), or designing a specific menu for a celebration flight…the sky’s the limit when it comes to the customer.

Many of our regular customers have specific requirements that we can meet every time we fly – regardless of which aircraft they choose.

Here are five flights we arranged for clients in the last week, which had our detail-loving Flight Team working hard, to make sure everything was perfect.


A regular client of ours made contact to book a new flight and mentioned that the passengers would be his son and new daughter-in-law, flying to London after their wedding, which was taking place near Stockholm.

The flight was arranged with just two days’ notice and our client wondered if we could arrange for the aircraft to be decorated with a few ribbons as a surprise. But we knew we could do more than that.

So we got onto a local wedding supplier in Stockholm, and had a ‘Just Married’ sign made up and attached to the aircraft – along with balloons on the aircraft’s tail and ribbons across the nose. Chilled champagne was waiting onboard of course and the happy couple were thrilled when they arrived at the aircraft.

Wedding flight_just married & crew

The flight crew get ready to welcome our special passengers

How much does it cost by private jet?


A sports agent client made contact to book a flight for a group of golfers, looking to fly into the Algarve in Portugal for a celebrity pro-am tournament.

There were 4 of them travelling, but they each had a full set of golf clubs and a number of large suitcases. They wanted to know which aircraft would be most cost-effective, but still accommodate them and their luggage. They also wanted to be able to access the luggage space during the flight.

Our Flight Team recommended the Legacy 600. One of the most cost-effective long range jets, with walk-in access to 240 cubic feet storage luggage facility.

Legacy interior

How much does it cost by private jet?


We are used to arranging flights with pets onboard, with this was a flight for a new customer, two other passengers and 2 of her dogs, relocating for the summer months from Paris to the South of France.. The client was worried about the welfare of the dogs, particularly the older dog who was very nervous and had had a bad experience on an airline flight in the past.

So our Flight Team helped to arrange for the dog’s favourite blanket, toys and treats to be onboard the aircraft, and briefed the airport staff and crew to make sure the pet received the calmest possible welcome.

She was also keen to have a larger aircraft, so we recommended the Dassault Falcon 7X. Which gave the extra cabin space she required.

Flying with pets

How much does it cost by private jet?


The grand slam tennis tournament, Wimbledon, began this week in London and as always, it has attracted tennis fans from around the world. While we’ve flown a few clients into London specifically for the event, one client was on a very tight schedule and wanted to fly in as close as possible, in order to avoid any traffic or additional hassles.

After flying into London Luton, we helped this client waste no time getting to Wimbledon by flying them off in a helicopter to Ham Polo Club, which is just a short six miles from the tournament.

  • Itinerary: London Luton to Ham Polo Club (one way)
  • Aircraft: Twin Squirrel (5 seats)
  • Flight time: 25 Mins
  • Price: £3 050


Specific catering requests are very much part of the service in private aviation. And this customer has some very specific needs on a flight from Rome to Moscow.

The customer was travelling with one of their company’s most important clients and wanted to have a light lunch served on the flight. But the client has a number of severe food allergies, including to nuts and eggs. They also wanted to make sure we had a supply of the client’s favourite brand of orange juice on board.

The allergies weren’t a problem at all. This is something we are used to dealing with and we worked closely with the catering company to specify the menu.

But the orange juice was a little more difficult as this wasn’t available through the usual catering supplier. But a little bit of research later, our Flight Team had located the brand in a specialist grocery shop in Rome and were able to have some sent out to the airport, ready to be chilled and waiting for the passengers’ arrival.

Bespoke catering is all part of the service. Image: On Air Dining

How much does it cost by private jet?


Whatever your requirements, our Flight Team would be happy to help. For a personalised quote for your own flight itinerary, use our flight search on the website, app, or contact us (24 hours) at +44 1747 642 777.