5 reasons why Gulfstream is flying high

One of the biggest recent success stories of business jet manufacturing, Gulfstream has created a highly-desirable and high-performing family of jets with global appeal. Here are the five key ingredients to Gulfstream’s recipe for success:

1. Brand appeal

Gulfstream has some of the most iconic and sought-after private jets. For many, a ‘Gulfstream’ is the Ferrari of the private jet world. (Read more: Gulfstream vs Formula one car). There are also many well-known A-list owners Gulfstream owners, adding to its iconic status. Distinctive styling (such as its oval windows) make a Gulfstream a highly-desirable and recognisable jet to own and charter.

Oval windows of the Gulfstream G650ER

Inside the Gulfstream G650ER (Image: Gulfstream)

2. The World’s largest business jet manufacturer by revenue

Gulfstream Aerospace is now the world’s largest business jet manufacturer by revenue at nearly $7billion last year. The last quarter of 2014 saw its highest deliveries in three years, with profits being plowed into new product development to keep its momentum.

Gulfstream aircraft in the hangar

Gulfstream deliveries rose strongly in Q4 of 2014 (image:Gulfstream)

3. A record-breaking flagship jet

Gulfstream has created a coveted and highly-desirable aircraft with their G650ER. Currently with a two year waiting list, the ultra-long range jet has grabbed headlines, and broken several city pair records with its unrivaled power, speed and range. It’s the most advanced – and arguably, the most wanted – private jet in the world.

Gulfstream's 'flagship' - the G650ER (image:Gulfstream)

4. Market factors: ‘Big is better’

The increasing market demand for large-cabin jets puts Gulfstream in a strong position, where it dominates the top of the market. The upper end of the market has seen stronger sales and profits in the recession and continuing into recovery, showing that for many customers ‘big is better’. Although Bombardier has the Global 7000 and 8000 being slower in development, it is waiting in the wings to make a stronger challenge.

Bombardier Global 7000

Inside Bombardier's large-cabin Global 7000 - will it be a rival for the G650? (image:Bombardier)

5. Expanding the family, fast

The G500 & G600 are currently in development (image: Gulfstream)

Gulfstream has confidently forged ahead fastest with new aircraft development, seizing the high end and keeping its product line moving. The G500 and the G600 plans were unveiled at the end of last year, offering shorter range but at the same fast cruising speed as the G650ER, making mach 0.85 normal. So customers can fly like a G650, but for less distance and cost (from $43.5 million purchase price, versus $66.5 for the G650ER).

In the charter market, the Gulfstream family carries the same desirability. The G650ER has the same x-factor appeal but is still limited in availability, for now. But its family of other Gulfstreams such as the G200, G450 and G550 (the GV) are all widely available and popular charter aircraft around the world.

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