6 reasons dogs are good for business

One of our team members here at PrivateFly is hairier than most.

Tex the Labradoodle is my own dog, who comes into the office most days. As my wife Carol is also involved in the business, it’s a practical option for us to have him here and luckily he’s a pretty calm character most of the time.

Tex boardroom

But I also believe – and I’m pretty sure the rest of the team agree – that there are business benefits to having Tex at work.

Here’s how he adds to life at PrivateFly:

1. Team spirit

All of the PrivateFly team enjoy the relaxation of having a dog in the office. I think it’s great for morale and creates a relaxing and fun atmosphere (especially when he puts on his pilot’s hat).

Tex pilot hat

2. He’s a great marketing tool

Tex is a roving dog-blogger for us, looking at the facilities at airports for taking pets on private jets. Photos of Tex on aircraft have been widely shared on social media. And many of our clients and partners love him when they come to visit.

Tex aircraft steps

3. Exercise

Tex gets me – or someone else in the team – out of the office, even on the busiest days. I’ve had some of my best meetings with colleagues when walking to the park, getting a breath of fresh air. You can’t be chained to your desk when your dog needs a walk.

4. Networking

You can meet some great contacts on a dog walk. It’s a natural icebreaker and you can find yourself striking up conversations with strangers in a park, that would simply not happen otherwise. I met a new private jet client recently, both out running with our dogs.

Adam & Tex shaking hands

5. Stress reliever

Having pets at home has been proven to help combat stress and I think the same applies at work. Having a dog around can therapeutic, it puts things in perspective if you’re having a bad day. Their philosophy of ‘eat, sleep, play’ reminds you not to sweat the small stuff!

6. Understanding the client’s pet requirements

At PrivateFly we organise many flights for clients who want to fly on a private jet with a dog or other pets. As many of our team don’t have pets at home, having Tex in the office is the best training package we can offer them.

So speak to our experienced, dog-loving flight team for all flight enquiries with your pet! Contact us or call +44 1747 642 777 (24 hours).