February 07, 2014

Airports which cross boundaries

I was pleased to hear recently that talks on the possibility of a joint Israeli – Jordanian airport could be on again. This shared Middle Eastern airport concept has been talked about for some time. Various options have been put forward including converting Jordan’s existing King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba, which lies on the border, into a joint operation.

As a traveller, Jordan is a country close to my heart. Before attending university, I spent a year in Amman (1989-90) working in a childrens’ home. Last New Year, I thrilled to go back to Jordan for a family holiday. I find the Jordanian people so full of warmth and, for such a small country, it has a huge variety of landscapes, and so many incredible attractions to offer, including Petra, The Dead Sea and the spectacular Wadi Rum desert.

It would be fantastic to see a joint airport project helping to stimulate the peace process in the Middle East. Airports are such an important part of the tourism and business infrastructure of any country. If both Israel and Jordan invested in a joint airport, they would then each have a vested interest in its success.

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