The A – Z of private jets

There’s a lot of number talk when it comes to private jets. From a G650 to a Global 6000, we use numbers to talk about prices; nautical miles; cabin dimensions; speeds…and much more.

But words are just as important. The average person speaks between 7,000 to 20,000 words a day (depending on gender apparently!). And our team of AvGeeks at PrivateFly covers a more than average number of aviation-related words in our daily tally.

So – after much debate – we came up with our alphabet of private jets, from A to Z. Do you agree with our choices?

A to Z of private jets_400x820

AIRPORT: Private jets can use ten times more airports than airlines. More

BIZAV: Short for ‘business aviation’, a common abbreviation meaning the private jet industry.

CHARTER: On demand private jet flights, offering more flexibility and value than ownership or fractional programs. More

DOGS: Pets can fly with owners in the cabin on a private jet. More

EMPTY LEG: A repositioning private jet flight offered at a significant discount. More

FBO: The private jet terminal at the airport (short for Fixed Based Operator). More

GULFSTREAM G650ER: The world’s fastest & furthest private jet. More

HELICOPTER: Fly in to remote spots, and ideal for sightseeing tours. More

INTERIORS: From boardrooms to bedrooms, showers to dishwashers, the sky’s the limit. More

JETIQUETTE: A guide to the do’s & don’ts of private jet travel. More

KING AIR: The turboprop is the world’s most popular private aircraft. More

LEAR JET: The original purpose-built private jet, first launched in 1963. More

MACH: Aircraft speed measure, meaning its relationship to the speed of sound. More

NOTAM: An alert to pilots from the aviation authority (short for Notice To Airmen).

ONLINE: In recent years private jet booking has been transformed by new technology, making it faster & easier to book. More

PRICES: More transparency & market competition means prices for private charter are coming down. More

QUALITY: Argus & Wyvern ratings make it easier to choose a quality aircraft operator.

RUNWAY: Smaller aircraft need less runway length to take off or land, so can access more airports. More

SUPER BOWL: The world’s biggest event for private jet travel. More

TAIL NUMBER: Unique global identifier for each aircraft, like a car registration. More

UNIFORM: Private jet pilots always wear a uniform on duty. Look out for 4 stripes for the Captain, 3 for the First Officer.

VIP: Private jet travel is all about bespoke, customer service.

WINDOWS: Designed to flood the cabin with light, private jets offer innovative window design. More

XLS: The world’s most popular private jet aircraft is Cessna’s Citation XLS. More

YACHTS: Pair a yacht charter with a private jet for the ultimate private travel experience. More

ZULU: Aviation terminology, meaning Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). More

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