F1 Car versus Gulfstream G550 Jet

Monaco Grand Prix is one of the busiest weekends for private jet flights down to the South of France.

This year is predicted to be even busier for private flights to Nice and Cannes airports with the Cannes Film Festival coinciding with Monaco Grand Prix.

Private jets are often compared to Formula 1 cars as both are examples of excellence in engineering, speed and technology.

Often described as the Ferrari of the private jet world, the Gulfstream G550 combines long range, high speed and superbly engineered power to weight ratio.

Our infographic below compares the Gulfstream G550 and F1 car and discovers which icon of engineering comes out in pole position.

F1 Car versus Gulfstream Jet – An infographic by the team at F1 car vs Gulfstream G550 jet

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