Gulfstream unveils the ‘optimised’ G500 & G600

One new aircraft announcement from Gulfstream is enough to get us excited. But two? Now they’re really spoiling us.

Last month the manufacturing giant unveiled its plans for the G500 and G600 – a pair of optimised long range business jets. The launch took place just before industry conference NBAA 2014 in Orlando.

Image: Gulfstream Aerospace

With their current long range flagship the G650 recently becoming available as an extended range model (the G650ER), Gulfstream is already breaking new boundaries for both speed and range in its current range of aircraft. The G650ER can fly for 7500 nm at speeds of up to Mach 0.925, which means it can fly further than LA to Melbourne in under 15 hours. See The Faster and Further G650ER.

So what could the G500 and G600 possibly have in store?

In outward appearance both aircraft will resemble the G650(ER), with the same iconic oval windows that are instantly recognisable and let in lots of light. They will also be a match for speed, but not for range – with the G500 able to fly as far as 5,000 nm and the G600 6,200 nm.

G500 & G600 interior

Image: Gulfstream Aerospace

But its on the inside that they will be groundbreaking. Gulfstream’s buzzword here is ‘optimization’ – they are not marketing these aircraft on a single headline feature, but on a number of improvements which together, will make them the most advanced and efficient business aircraft available.

The G500 and G600 will be powered by new Pratt & Whitney Canada PW800 turbofan engines – a big departure for Gulfstream who have traditionally partnered with Rolls Royce. Combined with the innovative wing design, this will reportedly make them industry-leading in their fuel efficiency.

G500 & G600 cockpit

Image: Gulfstream Aerospace

The innovation continues inside the cockpit. The new touchscreen Symmetry Flight Deck has a number of features that will make these aircraft more comfortable and safer to fly.

There has been much talk about the ‘active control sidesticks’, new technology by Honeywell which allows the captain and the first officer to see and feel each other’s actions. This, and other flight control developments, will give the flight crew the most coordinated approach in the cockpit, enhancing safety.

As for passengers, both aircraft can carry up to 19, with the G500 offering a three zone cabin, and the G600 up to four. Both have forward and aft lavatories and come with a full-size galley. The cabin width, seating and environmental features will also be ‘best in class’ according to the manufacturer.

The first flight of the G500 is scheduled for 2015, with the G600 flight expected to follow 12 to 18 months later. Deliveries are planned for 2018 and 2019 respectively.

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