How technology is changing private jet booking

This week we were pleased to launch our private jet app to the French market. It’s something that our French customers were asking for and we were delighted to oblige!

This new version of the PrivateFly app is available on iPhone and iPad. It allows users to search for instant private jet prices; compare aircraft specs and images; and a ‘Jet Me Home’ button – location technology which searches for prices from your closest airport to home (this proves popular for ‘go now’ last minute private jet flights, or to compare private aviation options when an airline flight is cancelled).

Download the PrivateFly app.

PrivateFly app in French iPhone

The PrivateFly app is now available in both French and English

Clients with existing flights can also view and change their flight details, such as flight itineraries and passenger names.

All of this is now available in French or English and free to download.

Why A PrivateFly App? 

When we launched our first generation app in 2010, it was viewed by many as a bit of a gimmick. A bit of fun, but not likely to create commercial value. There was doubt that serious private jet customers would want to search for private jet prices and book from their phone or tablet.

But I’m pleased to say that did and they do – and in ever increasingly numbers. We now see 11% of our flight sales coming through the app, which has been downloaded over 100,000 times. And our biggest flight booking through the app was a $500K multi-leg flight to Europe from the Middle East.

iPhone airport finder Nice Cote D'Azur

The app's features include locating closest airports

Just as most of us now routinely use our mobile devices for other types of travel planning and buying, so private jet charter is following the same curve. And our app provides an mobile-optimised version of our PrivateFly web platform, plus additional location and personalisation features.

It is becoming an increasingly central way for our customers to engage with us.

Why Book A Private Jet Through An App

Today’s private jet customer is very different to their counterpart of 10 years ago. Busy executives increasingly want to book their own travel and make arrangements as quickly and as efficiently as possible. They are confident using new technology and they want transparency, choice and high service levels – fast.

Our platform, whether via app, website or over the phone with our 24-hour team, gives access to a network of over 7,000 private jet aircraft, based globally. Prices are available instantly, availability is confirmed within minutes, and take-off within the hour if necessary. For short notice flights we can have clients airborne in as little as 45 minutes from their first contact.

There will always be a place for expert advice, that’s something we never lose sight of. Our Flight Team talk clients through different aircraft types, offer advice on complex itineraries – and answer any questions. There are some clients who don’t want to go online themselves at any stage, and that’s absolutely fine too. Our team can then perform the role of the traditional private jet broker – but faster and more efficiently.

Our technology makes the whole process of comparing private jet aircraft and making a booking much easier and faster – whichever way our clients choose to communicate with this. And that’s something that even the most traditional customer appreciates.

Private Jet Charter, Technology, and the Future

The private jet market is changing and the success of our app proves how customer confidence is growing in using new technologies. We’re confident the app will be equally popular with French-speaking customers and looking forward to developing its features further.

We have lots of exciting plans in the pipeline, to give even greater personalisation for our customers, at every stage of the process. Let us know if you have any suggestions or requests, we’d be delighted to hear your views too.

Download the PrivateFly app here or contact our Flight Team for pricing and advice on your next private charter flight. They can be contacted 24 hours on +44 1747 642 777.