How to get the best prices for private jet charter this summer

With Europe’s summer peak now fast approaching, our flight bookings are increasing rapidly. This increased private jet charter demand can mean that prices can go up too (although this summer at PrivateFly we are offering fixed pricing on some popular routes).

So if you’re flying this summer, how do you make sure you get the best prices?

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Why can private jet charter prices go up in the summer?

An on-demand private jet charter price is based on a number of factors. The aircraft’s hourly rate is the most significant and this is used to calculate the base price for the trip.

Then there are other cost elements to add, such as airport landing fees, taxes, catering and repositioning fees. (At PrivateFly we always give a fully-inclusive price when we quote, so there are no nasty surprises later down the line.)

Repositioning is one of the major reasons prices can go up at busy times. Usually we’ll recommend aircraft that are well-positioned for the departure airport, minimising additional costs for flying in at the start.

But sometimes it’s unavoidable and aircraft based further afield may need to be chartered – especially for bookings close to departure. This means aircraft have to position in and out, and these empty flying hours add extra costs to a flight.

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Book ahead for best availability & pricing

One of the benefits of business aviation is its flexibility, allowing passengers to take off exactly when they want, and often at the last minute. At PrivateFly we can arrange flights in under an hour if passengers require an immediate takeoff. But if you’re flying during July & August we recommend booking further ahead, for the best pricing.

During this time, most private jets in the charter market are heavily utilised, for flights to southern Europe and to major sports and lifestyle events. So while last minute flights are always possible, you’ll have less choice of aircraft is you book closer to departure, and extra repositioning costs are more likely.

Airports also fill up fast at popular airports, and air traffic controllers often distribute landing slots on a first-come, first-served basis. So it can pay to book ahead – both for better prices and for more flexibility in your itinerary.

Fix your price with PrivateFly’s City Pairs

This seasonal price fluctuation is one of the reasons we’re offering our fixed rate exclusives this summer. Our City Pairs are fixed rates, on fixed routes – and we’ve chosen 16 pairs in Europe, including popular destinations from London such as Nice, Ibiza, Mykonos and Palma; and others from Paris, such as Geneva and Marrakech.

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Nextant 400XTi & Legacy 600

We know clients don’t like price uncertainty, so we’ve secured priority access to a fleet of private jets and fixed the prices at lower-than-usual rates for these routes. This gives clients between a 20% – 30% discount on average year-round prices and up to 50% off some of the peak pricing we’ve seen in July and August.

These discounted prices are available for flights on the light jet Nextant 400XTi (seats 6) and large cabin Legacy 600 (seats 13). Prices (based on whole aircraft charter) range from €4,500 between London & Paris on the Nextant 400XTi; to €36,000 between Nice & Moscow on the Legacy 600.

To discuss your private jet charter needs this summer with our expert team, contact us or call 020 7100 6960 (24 hours).