Learning To Fly: The Citation XLS+

Pilots are frequently asked about how many different types of aircraft they can fly. Normally private jet pilots only fly one or two different aircraft. This month I have been learning to fly the XLS+ for the first time.

Having flown the Citation XL & XLS for the past 9 years, like most pilots, I was thrilled to be in the flight deck of a brand new variant, the Citation XLS+.

Citation XLS+ taking off

Cessna, the manufacturer of the Citation range, have made some big pilot-facing changes with the Citation XLS+.

Whilst the Citation XL & XLS have either the Honeywell or Universal avionics suite, the XLS+ has a complete new flight deck system designed by Rockwell Collins.

Citiation XLS+ Controls
What does this all mean? How hard can it be for a pilot to learn to fly a different aircraft you might ask?

Learning to fly a new aircraft is a bit like switching between a PC and a Mac. After only using a PC, users will know the principles behind the Mac. It is just a question of learning how to use a new interface to achieve the same tasks as before.

Like a computer, a modern aircraft flight deck has large screens and various keypads. Often there are multiple ways of achieving the same task, so learning to fly a new modern aircraft is all about learning systems and standard operating procedures.

So for pilots, the Citation XLS+ has vast flight deck differences from the earlier model the Citation XLS. But what about the differences for passengers?

Citation XLS+ Interior

Here are the benefits of choosing an XLS+ for those sitting in the cabin, rather than the cockpit:

  • Quieter and more controllable air conditioning
  • Onboard Wifi
  • Multiple power points
  • Advanced entertainment system

The Citation XLS has been the world’s most popular selling private jet. Cessna have taken a gamble that by improving the flight deck in the Citation XLS+, they will continue to provide a winning combination for pilots and passengers.

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