PrivateFly’s team travel resolutions for 2020

The start of any year is a popular time to think about travel plans. And with a whole new decade on the horizon too, here at PrivateFly our must-do destinations for 2020 are definitely flying high in our minds.

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We asked some of our team to share their travel resolutions for 2020.

Clara – Sales

Clara says: I am looking forward to exploring more of the Middle East and North Africa this year. I can’t wait to visit Israel and Jordan, and I’m hoping to make it to Egypt too.

Clara PrivateFly

Nick – Sales

Nick says: I’ll be travelling to Moosehead Lake in Northern Maine to go ice fishing with some colleagues from our US team. We’re staying in a wildlife sanctuary, so hoping for some sightings of eagles, hawks, bear and moose. Ice fishing is something I’ve always wanted to try, so I can’t wait to finally experience it.

Nick PrivateFly ice fishing


Ben – Sales

Ben says: I’ll be travelling to New York this year in May with my girlfriend. It’s a surprise for Christmas so hopefully she won’t read this! We’ll aim to see all the famous sights that New York has to offer and, as a fan of the TV show Friends, a particular highlight will be to have dinner at the Central Perk cafe.

Hopefully we can also sneak in a trip to Italy in September.

Ben Hardy PrivateFly on boat

Anna – Sales

Anna says: In 2020 I’m going to start off the year with a birthday week in Miami and The Bahamas to get plenty of sunshine for the rest of the winter. I also want to travel to Baikal Lake in Siberia later in the year to admire this wonder of the world.

Anna PrivateFly on jet steps

Alexandre – Sales

Alexandre says: I am planning to make a trip to Montreal in the Spring, to stay with a friend who is finishing his PhD there. I’m hoping to arrange things so I can have a stopover in New York on the way.


Eli – Sales

Eli says: The next destinations on my list are Lisbon and Tokyo – I’ve always heard such good things about the cultures and local cuisines! I also really want to take my mother on a trip in Europe as she’s always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower.

Claudia – Client Services

Claudia says: I’ve always wanted to stay in the over-the-water bungalows that you see all over Southeast Asia – and I’m determined to make it happen this year! Perhaps with a family trip to Fiji…


Laurel – Sales

Laurel says: My sister and husband are building a new home on 160 acres in Kansas. I grew up in the country in Kansas and now live in coastal Florida. I’d like my young daughters to have a rural experience next summer.

Nicole – Marketing

Nicole says: I’m getting married in February, and we’re planning an extended honeymoon later in the year to visit Bali! Can’t wait to explore Bali and the surrounding Indonesian islands.


Sean – Revenue Management

Sean says: I would like to travel to the UK and see our St. Albans facility and meet the rest of the team. And of course while across the pond I’d like to take my family around London and possibly elsewhere!

Eddie – Sales

Eddie says: I’ve heard about the incredible cherry blossom season in Japan – I’m dying to visit! Apparently there are several spots in the country to see the blossoms, including in Hirosaki, Yokohama, near Mt Fuji, and near Osaka. Check in on me in early April!

cherry blossom japan

Where do you want to fly in 2020?

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