The Falcon 8X is certified

For several years now, we’ve been anticipating the new members of the Dassault Falcon family – the Falcon 5X and Falcon 8X.

And while the Falcon 5X has suffered delays (it has been put back until 2020), the Falcon 8X has now received its certification, right on time.

At the end of June, French manufacturer Dassault announced it had received both FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) certification for the 6,450 nm long range jet. Read more: The stages of development of a new private jet


Le Falcon 8X attend la certification

The Falcon 8X is now certified. Image: Dassault Aviation

The Falcon 8X: Like the 7X, but better

The Falcon 8X was unveiled in 2014 at EBACE, the biggest industry event for business aviation in Europe, as the upgrade to Dassault’s successful Falcon 7X.

The existing Falcon 7X has been lauded for its technical performance. The tri-jet is known for being particularly agile for its size, capable of landing on smaller runways than its rivals.

In developing the 8X, Dassault wanted to create an improved version of 7X, offering a longer range, more advanced technologies and more modern interior.

Falcon 8X dans un hangar de Dassault

3 Falcon 8X aircraft were used in testing. Image: Dassault Aviation

The 8X has a certified range of 6450 nautical miles (11 945 km), which allows it to connect Paris to Hong Kong, or Los Angeles to Beijing without a fuel stop.

It also has the quietest cabin in the market, and more interior configurations that others in its category.

Like the 7X, the Falcon 8X is equipped with 3 engines which is a key selling point to many PrivateFly customers. Having the 3rd engine adds a significant feelgood safety factor for passengers flying longer distance over the sea.

The combined power output of all 3 engines will also give the Falcon 8X the ability to operate from short runways. The 8X will be popular with large cabin private jet customers at London City Airport or St Moritz – a strong competitive advantage for a long range jet.

Falcon 8X interior

The Falcon 8X interior. Image: Dassault Aviation

Around the world in 65 flights

The initial flight testing for the Falcon 8X began in February 2015.

This was followed by a world tour, which began in May 2015. Dassault’s aim being to showcase the Falcon 8X and subject it to a series of further tests.

Le Falcon 8X dans la neige au nord du Canada

The temperature resistance of the Falcon 8X was tested in northern Canada. Image: Dassault Aviation

The world tour began with a flight from Paris to Teterboro in New York. The 8X then visited 46 different destinations, performing 65 flights, with a combined distance of 55 000 nautical miles (101 860 km). The last trip was a 14 hour flight from Sao Paulo in Brazil, back to Paris.

During this world tour, the Falcon 8X underwent a series of tests and trials, including its resistance to extreme heat and cold – flying at temperatures as low as -33°C.

The aircraft also landed at airports in high altitude environments, such as El Alto La Paz in Bolivia – at 3650 m above sea level, this is the highest international airport and fifth highest commercial airport in the world.

The aircraft manufacturer has already produced 24 Falcon 8Xs, and 11 further are under construction. First deliveries will take place early in the fourth quarter of 2016, so we don’t have long to wait until the Falcon 8X becomes available for charter.

While we await the Falcon 8X, there are other Falcon aircraft available for charter, such as the Falcon 900 / 900LX and the Falcon 7X. For advice on choosing the right aircraft for your flight, contact our Flight Team or call (24 hours) +44 1747 642 777.