The Falcon 8X reaches its first customer

We’ve been eagerly watching its progress through design, first flight, certification and a world tour, and now the Dassault Falcon 8X is finally becoming a reality, having made its initial delivery to a buyer.

Falcon 8X interior

The Falcon 8X interior. Image: Dassault Aviation

The birth of a new private jet is a long process and can take years, if not decades in some cases – during which the new aircraft is subjected to a strict regime of technical, regulatory and commercial processes. For the Falcon 8X this included a world tour, where the aircraft was subjected to a range of extreme conditions, across 65 flights.

After being first unveiled two and half years ago (at EBACE in 2014), the Falcon 8X has come to the end of this journey, and the Dassault team celebrated its first delivery to a buyer at the beginning of this month.

The Falcon 8X: Even better than the 7X

The Falcon 8X is the upgrade to Dassault’s successful Falcon 7X, which already offers excellent technical performance within the long range jet category.

Watch our exclusive video tour of the Falcon 7X.

The tri-jet 7X has become popular due to its superior agility for its size, making it capable of landing on smaller runways than its rivals.

In developing the 8X, Dassault has retained this quality, and added further range; additional fly-by-wire technology advancements; and a new interior.

Le Falcon 8X attend la certification

The Falcon 8X is now available to buyers. Image: Dassault Aviation

The 8X has a certified range of 6450 nautical miles (500 further than the 7X), which allows it to connect Paris to Hong Kong, or Los Angeles to Beijing without a fuel stop.

It also has the quietest cabin in the market, and more interior configurations that others in its category.

Like the 7X, the Falcon 8X is equipped with three engines which is a key selling point to many PrivateFly customers. Having the third engine adds a significant feelgood safety factor for passengers flying longer distance over the sea.

The increased power from these engines also gives the Falcon 8X the ability to operate from short runways. The 8X will be popular with large cabin private jet customers at London City Airport or St Moritz – a strong competitive advantage for a long range jet, which has already been evident with the 7X.

Falcon 8X dans un hangar de Dassault

Image: Dassault Aviation

When will the Falcon 8X be available for charter?

Dassault is close to completion on 16 further Falcon 8Xs, and another 11 are under construction. Further deliveries will come hot on the heels of this first one, and we’re expecting the Falcon 8X to become available for charter before the end of the year or at the beginning of 2017.

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