The HondaJet is now available for charter

It’s been over 30 years in the making, but the HondaJet is finally starting to becoming available for private charter, for the first time.

Honda’s first foray into aircraft manufacturing, the clean-sheet HondaJet HA-420 is a Very Light Jet (VLJ) that’s aiming to shake up the entry level business aviation market. The aircraft was certified by the FAA just over a year ago, in December 2015.

And following deliveries of over 50 aircraft to customers worldwide last year, some of these aircraft are now available for private charter. The first operator to offer the HondaJet for charter is in the PrivateFly network, and has two based in the southwest of the USA, in Arizona.

HondaJet for charter

The HondaJet is now available for charter. Image: Honda Aircraft company

Compared to its VLJ category competitors, such as Cessna’s Citation Mustang and Embraer’s Phenom 100, the HondaJet is faster, lighter and more fuel efficient. It has a 20% larger cabin (which seats 4 but can accommodate up to 6) and more baggage space, plus it has a faster airspeed at 420 kts.

This is due to its innovative aircraft design, with over-the-wing engines that free up more space below in the cabin and luggage hold. This also reduces drag – just one of the factors which improves its fuel-efficiency. The others are its ‘natural laminar flow’ wings; lightweight fuselage; and bespoke turbofan engine, the Honda HF120. Honda say these features combined will lead to a 25-30% improvement in fuel-efficiency, compared to its competitors.

Inside the HondaJet


Image: Honda Aircraft Company

The HondaJet cabin provides plenty of room for passengers, offering club seating arrangements, which is very spacious for a VLJ.

It also has a small private bathroom with toilet, basin and two skylights, unlike other VLJs which simply section an emergency toilet area off with a curtain.

And the HondaJet’s luggage compartment is exceptionally large for a light jet. The rear compartment is 57 cubic feet and holds up to 400 pounds, plus it has an additional 9 cubic foot cargo area in its nose, capable for carrying up to 100 pounds.

HondaJet fleet

Image: Honda Aircraft Company

How to charter a HondaJet

The first two HondaJets available for charter are in the United States, based out of Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, and are available to charter via PrivateFly. It will take time for a critical mass of HondaJet charter aircraft to become available globally, and prices will come down as this happens. But these initial aircraft will have a major novelty factor and some private jet users will be keen to be amongst the first to fly in one.

To discuss chartering a HondaJet for your next flight or to compare it with other light jets, contact us or call our Flight Team (24 hours) on +44 1747 642 777.