4 Things Client Services Does Before Your Flight

When it comes to flying by private jet charter, from the client’s perspective it can be quite a breeze; simply arrive to the airport 15 minutes before departure time and take-off.

But what happens behind the scenes leading up to that seamless experience is quite another story.

PrivateFly’s 24/7 Flight Team is assisted by a Client Services team, who ensure that all the nuts and bolts are completely taken care of before a client steps foot in the FBO.

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Here are a few items the Client Services team always check off their list before any flight takes off:

1) Conduct a Safety Standards Review

As part of Directional Aviation, PrivateFly adheres to a strict set of safety guidelines that all operators, aircraft, & crew must meet to be approved in the network.

The Client Services Manager will conduct a whole review before the flight is allowed to move forward, including taking a look at: the operator’s insurance; the dual-pilot flying hours and licenses; the crew hours; and the maintenance schedule of the aircraft.

Client Services will also be quite aware of any extra precautions in place due to COVID-19.

Gulfstream G500 & G600 PrivateFly

Image: Gulfstream Aerospace

All of these factors are double-checked against Wyvern & Argus, which are both third-party accreditations that ensure impartiality.

2) Arrange Catering Orders

Once the aircraft and crew are all approved and set, Client Services will get into the in-flight details, namely: will they require catering on board?

As each flight is unique, each catering order is also totally tailored to fit the passengers’ needs; from dietary restrictions to favorite brands of orange soda, we’ve seen quite the variety of requests.

And almost any request can be accommodated – flying by private jet is completely customized to the client’s wishes.

on air catering

Besides the menu itself, Client Services will consider two main factors when arranging catering: the size of the jet & whether a flight attendant will be on board.

The size of the aircraft typically dictates whether a fully-stocked galley will be part of the cabin; we wouldn’t recommend an elaborate, hot meal on a small jet with a very limited galley, for example.

Similarly, the presence of a flight attendant means they can assist in plating meals, warming up food, and cleaning up afterward. While these services may look a bit different due to the coronavirus pandemic, Client Services is still there to guide you and ensure you have a comfortable (and tasty!) flight.

3) Organize Ground Transportation

Did you know that PrivateFly can also arrange ground transportation for your departure or arrival? We strive to create a totally seamless travel experience.

The Client Services Manager will ask if any ground transportation will be needed – and use one of PrivateFly’s preferred vendors that have been thoroughly vetted for your car transfer. From specialty cars to limos to sprinter vans, we can find the right ground option for you.

pf car and jet on runway

A few factors Client Services will consider include: is there special terrain to deal with? the number of passengers & amount of luggage; and if there are special needs such as a wheelchair or stroller.

4) Monitor Conditions Day-Of

When all the pre-flight details have been taken care of and the day of your flight comes, the Client Services Manager will still be working on a variety of items that require attention.

Client Services will monitor the weather continually to ensure no delays due to snow, rain, or conditions. They are also always up to date on Temporary Flight Restrictions that may impact your flight.

© Bombardier

© Bombardier

Finally, Client Services will ensure that the aircraft, crew, & catering are all in position so that when you arrive, you’re guaranteed a seamless, smooth experience.

Have a question for our Client Services team or ready to fly? Contact us online or call at (866) 726-1222.