November 04, 2015

Private Jet Charter During An Ash Cloud

This week, thousands are finding themselves stranded after an eruption from Mount Rinjani shut down airports, causing a total of 692 international and domestic flights to be either cancelled or delayed.

Currently, flights are shut down at Denpasar International Airport (DPS) in Bali (also known as Ngurah Rai airport), Selaparang airport (AMI) in Lombok and Blimbingsari airport (BWX) in Banyuwangi.

Airlines were told to avoid routes near the mountain, as it’s up to the winds whether the ash will have any effect on air traffic. A decision about reopening the Bali and Lombok airports will be made early tomorrow morning, according to a spokesperson. Stay updated on Denpasar International Airport here.

PrivateFly can still arrange flights during ash cloud, and private jet charter offers the optimal flexibility to arrange flights at short notice and work around airport and airspace closures.

Here is PrivateFly’s guide to flying around volcanic ash:


  • Private Jet Airport Flexibility & In-Flight Route Changes
    Private jet itineraries are flexible and can be scheduled to avoid the ash cloud. Flights can be changed in-flight to take you to the closest available airport or co-ordinate with ground transport to get you to your destination.
  • Use Non-Jet Aircraft
    Many propeller or piston aircraft operators can fly in the ash cloud. Piston aircraft have air filters (much like a car engine) that remove the ash from entering the engine.
  • Up To Date Information & Communication
    PrivateFly tracks the ash cloud and monitors whether our clients’ flights should depart earlier or later, or from alternative airports.


  • Act Early to Avoid Delays
    Airline schedules can be cancelled without warning. Ask PrivateFly for alternative options if your schedule is in any doubt.
  • Use Alternative Aircraft Types
    Consider using propeller aircraft.
  • Be Flexible
    Be prepared to depart early and use different airports.
  • Use Smaller Airports
    During ash clouds travelling to and from major airports is difficult due to the high number of panicking travellers. Using smaller airports (where scheduled airlines do not operate from) will reduce delays.


  • External Surface Corrosion
    The ash particles hit the aircraft exterior at high velocity and causes damage to the windows and aircraft skin.
  • Long Term Engine Damage
    Volcanic ash is abrasive and causes “sand blasting” within an engine. The damaged engine is less efficient and burns more fuel to achieve the same amount of thrust.
  • Engine Malfunction
    The silicon content of ash melts at 1100deg C (a temperature almost all jet engines reach) into a liquid that fuses onto the turbine blades within a jet engine. The engine loses pressure and surges causing a flame out.

For all private jet charter enquiries regarding ash cloud disruption or otherwise, call the PrivateFly team on +44 (0) 1747 642 777 or contact us.

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