A Private Jet Perspective At The 2015 Oscars

It’s Oscar season and everyone is discussing which films made it, which were snubbed, who will win, and even what the celebrities will wear at the event.

But at PrivateFly, all we’re discussing is how private jets were associated with the films nominated. A little more aviation obsessed than the normal person, our expert team loves to look for any links to private jets on the movie screen. We even had a whole blog dedicated to our favorite private jet movie moments of all time.

From spotting our favorite private jet on film, to recognizing the airport used, to film to noticing a blooper only an aviation geek would notice, we find it all.

And even if there’s no aircraft to be found on screen, that doesn’t stop us. We are able to still make a connection, whether it’s the closest airports to the onscreen destinations used or even the actors’ real-life links to private aviation. It’s no wonder the Oscars and private aviation tend to go hand-in-hand. (See our private jet associations with last year’s Oscars.)

To celebrate the 2015 Oscars, here are a few of our discovered private jet associations with some of the films that will be up for winning the gold trophy soon.

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Theory of Everything

This film is based on the life of Stephen Hawking and his wife, Jane. Based on the memoirs of Jane Wilde, it follows Stephen Hawking’s studies at Cambridge and his diagnosis with Motor Neuron Disease.

At one point in the film, Jane Hawking is on a medical air ambulance and as she looks out the window, another airplane is visible in the background. This private jet is a modified Boeing 747 film prop, which was actually featured in the James Bond movie Casino Royal (see other James Bond films featuring private jets here). The jet is not airworthy and is located at Dunsfold Aerdorome in Surrey, England.

Additionally, Professor Hawking regularly travels by private jet as a global ambassador. Due to his tight travel schedule and medical needs, private jets offer the very best care and benefits for him to travel in comfort and ease.

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Nominated for its amazing special effects, this film gives us a glimpse of what the future of aviation could look like. Space travel is one of the innovations in aviation that we love to keep our eye on at PrivateFly.

Additionally, the director, Christopher Nolan, is known for using airplanes creatively when filming, and Interstellar was no exception. To capture some of the more amazing shots in the film, an IMAX camera was actually attached to the front of a flying Learjet!

Big Hero 6

In this movie, we see the hero, Baymax, as the ultimate medevac aircraft. Designed as a robotic healthcare companion, he can scan, diagnose and cure electronically, but with a human touch. He even received a private jet style upgrade with wings and jet propulsion later in the movie.

While you can’t yet charter a Baymax yet at PrivateFly, we do offer other medical evacuation aircraft – all of which come with the same human touch!


(Source: Sony Pictures Classics)

This crime drama is based on the true events surrounding the multi-millionaire heir of the du Pont family, John du Pont (played by Steve Carrell).

While no private jets were used in the film, Du Pont regularly flew by private jet himself, and one of the perks for the wrestlers that he recruited in the late 1980s and 1990s was that they would be flown to wrestling events in his Learjet. When asked why he would put up with Du Pont’s demands, Jack Cuvo – national wrestling champion who trained with the Foxcatcher team – stated that “You have to understand, he would fly us in Learjets to Arizona and Las Vegas for wrestling meets.”

American Sniper

While there were a few shots of military aircraft and helicopters in this film, there wasn’t much private aviation action. However, the film is directed by Clint Eastwood, who’s a private helicopter pilot himself! Learn about other celebrity pilots and what aircraft they like to fly.

Did we miss a private jet connection from a movie you loved this year? Share with us what your favorite private jet moment was for this year’s Oscar contenders on Facebook or Twitter