Which aviators would you invite to Christmas dinner?

With Christmas now just days away, we’re busy making our final preparations. And while buying a turkey, wrapping presents and writing cards are all being ticked off the list, we still haven’t decided which aviators to invite to dinner.

Yes, while it might not be the case at every table, having am iconic aviator pull up a chair would be a Christmas dream come true for us.

So we asked our Flight Team and our Twitter followers…

“Which aviation guest would invite for Christmas dinner?”

Here are some of the replies.

Richard Branson

Entepreneur Richard Branson’s disruptive approach to aviation has truly set him apart as a visionary. He proved himself with one of the most successful commercial airlines in the world, and then began to look towards the future, currently working on the first commercial space flight.

Branson would not only bring life to the party with his charming personality, but he would also have a lot to say about aviation innovation and where the industry is headed.

Red Bull stunt pilots

Yes we known this isn’t technically one person, but it’s too hard to choose. So having one or more of the Red Bull stunt pilots over to dinner would be thrilling! It’d be great to pick their brains about the detail of some of their most complex and dangerous stunts.

Amelia Earhart

What happened? That would be our first question. After so many mysteries and conspiracy theories around her disappearance, we’d want to get to the truth.

Once that’s been straightened out, then we’d love to hear about her time setting so many records, including being the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic. We bet she’d have some interesting tales to tell.

Wright Brothers

The pioneering Wright Brothers were a popular pick with our Twitter followers. As inventors of the world’s first successful aircraft, who wouldn’t love a chance to pick Orville and Wilbur’s brains about how it felt to take flight for the first time?

Frank Whittle

Sir Frank Whittle single-handedly invented the turbojet engine, laying the foundations for today’s jet aircraft. Sitting him next to the Wright Brothers and hearing them talk about the early stepping stones of our industry would have to be any AvGeek’s dream dinner conversation.

Do any of these aviators make the cut for your Christmas dinner? Who would you invite? Share your dream guestlist with us on Twitter

Posted: December 15th, 2015 by Matt Barber

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