Battle of the Heavy Jets: G650ER vs Global 7500

Shortly after its entry into service, Bombardier made the first delivery of the Global 7500 to a customer. And the company’s new flagship business jet is now undertaking a global demonstration tour – starting over Super Bowl weekend in Atlanta, Georgia.

As the world’s furthest-flying purpose built business jet at the top of the private jet charter market, it already generates a lot of buzz as it aims to unseat the incumbent and iconic Gulfstream G650ER.

global 7500 g650er collage

But how do the two aircraft stack up? We take a look.

We have exclusive video tours of both aircraft, to give you a good starting point.

Step inside the Bombardier Global 7500:

Check out the Gulfstream G650ER:

How does the Global 7500 compare to the Gulfstream G650ER?


In performance terms, these two aircraft are actually very similar.

Both are capable of carrying up to 19 passengers at speeds of around Mach 0.9 – just under the speed of sound.

The Bombardier Global 7500 is powered by GE engines while the Gulfstream G650ER runs on Rolls Royce.

G650 v Global 7500 Collage_600x400


In purchase price terms they are also similar, a new Gulfstream G650ER selling for $66.5 million, and the Global 7500 retailing at $73 million. The Global 7500 is sold out until 2021, with 19 deliveries planned for 2019 and 39 for 2020. Gulfstream is expected to deliver 55 G650s/G650ERs in 2019, and 50 in 2020.


Here the two aircraft differ by a small margin: the Global 7500 is capable of flying up to 7,700 nautical miles, while the G650ER maxes out at 7,500.

While the 200 nautical mile difference may seem huge, it hasn’t proven to be a real deciding factor for customers.


While both cabins are certainly plush and luxurious, they differ in layouts.

The Global 7500 features a four-zone layout with the extra space appealing to those looking for added privacy. The layout offers a dedicated bedroom area rather than simply a divan with conversion options that are standard in all Gulfstream models.

G650 v Global 7500 Cabin Collage_600x400

An opposing argument to the dedicated bedroom and zone-style layout would be the added sense of community and added social benefits – like most things in private jet charter, the benefits are all dependent on the client’s preferences.

The Global 7500 also offers a stand up shower in its ensuite, which is not available in the G650ER. Finally, Bombardier also added extra windows to compete with Gulfstream’s famously light-filled cabins.

Are they available for charter?

We’re expecting the first Global 7500 to become available for charter later in 2019.

The G650ER has been available for charter since 2012.

Ultimately both are fantastic aircraft at the very pinnacle of purpose-built private jets, and we’ll be watching this rivalry closely over the next few years. With Gulfstream carrying such a big brand heft, it will still have the edge for many.

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