Ten Rules Of Private Jet-Iquette: Tips For Your First Private Jet Trip

Whether you’ve grabbed yourself a nice empty leg deal, are a guest on someone else’s flight, or just booked your first private jet flight – you may be wondering how flying by private jet is different than flying commercial.

Private jet travel is a lot more relaxed than many first think. It’s completely focused around the client, so it’s hard to go wrong when onboard, but there are some unspoken rules that frequent private flyers do observe that you should be aware of.

Here are ten private “jet-iquette” rules you should follow, to help you avoid making a bad first impression:

1. What (Not) to Wear:

If you’re traveling on business, the usual dress code applies. However, if you’re traveling for leisure, then avoid being too overdressed. Private jet fashion is all about not trying too hard.

PrivateFly Jet-Iquette

Flying privately with your family can offer added benefits that commercial airlines don’t offer.*

2. Photos and Social Media:

If you’re flying for business, keep it discreet – this isn’t a holiday. Flying for leisure? Then feel free to snap away. If you’re a guest, your host will definitely appreciate your enjoyment (but of course, always check before you tag any other passengers – it’s called private aviation for a reason).

3. Always Let Your Host Board First:

Especially if you’re a guest and it’s your first time on a jet, you should let your host go onboard the aircraft first. He or she will have a favorite seat, and you don’t want to make this your first and last invitation.

4. Be Demanding (Nicely):

Ask upfront for anything that will make your trip more enjoyable – whether it’s music, magazines, a favorite tea, or organic dog food – it’s a bespoke flying experience, so make it your own.

PrivateFly Catering

Image: On Air Dining

5. No Need to Switch Your Devices Off:

You can use them freely onboard a private jet. And as the aircraft is yours, there’s no need to worry about annoying strangers with your ringtones. Many private jets have Wi-Fi too, so you can work or catch up while you fly.

6. Pet-iquette Applies Too:

You can take your pets in the cabin, but make sure they’ve been groomed beforehand. No one wants dog hair or muddy paws on the jet upholstery.

PrivateFly Pets on Jets

7. Talk to Your Pilots:

There’s no locked cockpit and the crew will welcome you to the flight deck. Tip your pilot if you think they did a good job too – it’s not expected, but it’s quite normal and the crew will appreciate the gesture.

8. Disappear Quickly After Landing:

When you arrive at the private jet terminal, you don’t want to be hanging around. The point of private jet travel is to be whisked away from the aircraft steps. If you forgot to arrange a car, ask the pilot to radio ahead and order a taxi for you.

9. Practice Good Bathroom Manners:

Visit the restroom in the private jet lounge before you fly. As much as private jets are luxurious, they are also very quiet, which can result in an uncomfortable situation you might want to avoid. Plus, some very light jets don’t even have a toilet at all!

10. Don’t Carry Your Own Bags:

It’s not expected and that’s what the ground crew is for.

For any private jet advice, whether its about “jet-iquette” or booking a flight, contact us online or call our 24/7 Flight Team at (866) 726-1222. 

*Please note that PrivateFly operates as a private jet charter broker and does not own any aircraft.