The Gulfstream G500 & G600 Are Almost Here

Gulfstream’s newest long range jets, the G500 and G600, are inching closer to delivery.

The G500 got certified in July of 2018, and the G600 has begun its final field performance test in anticipation of certification by the end of 2018.

Image: Gulfstream Aerospace

Image: Gulfstream Aerospace

While it is unusual to see a manufacturer put two new aircraft through certification at the same time, it’s also very exciting to see both models go through the motions and be put to the test.

Comparisons and reviews make for buzz-worthy news, especially as they were first unveiled in 2014, and the aviation industry has been holding its breath ever since.

Gulfstream expects to start delivering both aircraft in 2019 – which hopefully puts both models on the charter market shortly thereafter as well.

Gulfstream G500 & G600 PrivateFly

Image: Gulfstream Aerospace

The G500 and G600 were designed to fill the gap between the G450 – which stopped production earlier this year and remains an extremely popular model among our private jet clients – and the ultra-long-range G650ER.

Depending on the configuration, the G500 and G600 can each seat up to 19 passengers. The luxury cabin interior includes customizable lay-down seating, a mirror in the mid-cabin bulkhead to reflect more light, and of course, the signature Gulfstream windows for the best natural light. The cabin also features 100% fresh air and altitude restrictions to ease jet lag effects.

Image: Gulfstream Aerospace

Image: Gulfstream Aerospace

In addition, the newer models each offer faster speed and longer range than the G450; the G500 and G600 can both reach maximum speeds of Maach 0.925, with ranges of 5,200 nm for the G500 and 6,500 nm for the G600.

The G500 and G600 are powered by Pratt & Whitney PW800 turbofan engines – a significant change for Gulstream who have traditionally used Rolls Royce engines. The Pratt & Whitney choice, combined with a new innovative wing design, will reportedly make these aircraft industry-leading for fuel efficiency standards.

The sleek exterior and plush interior aren’t the only features getting upgrades in the G500 and G600; the cockpit will see a facelift too. The Symmetry Flight Deck has active control side-sticks and touch-screen avionics interfaces, both new to aviation. The cutting-edge technology by Honeywell allows the captain and first officer to actually see and feel each other’s actions in real-time.

This (along with a whole host of other improvements) will give the flight crew an extremely coordinated experience, further enhancing safety and performance.

Deliveries of the G500 are expected to begin in early 2019, with the G600 following suit in the later half of the year.

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