The Most Extreme Airports in the World

At PrivateFly, we always enjoy discussing the extremes in aviation. From the fastest jets, to the biggest aircraft, we’re always blogging about all the exciting differences when it comes to aircraft.

But what about the places these jets land and take off from? While most of the time airports are places that don’t leave any impression on travelers, some of these airports definitely could be just as exciting as the planes themselves.

We looked around and found some of the most extreme airports you’ll be able to find in the world. Take a look and see if you’d be willing to fly from any of these:

At 14,470 feet above sea level, Daocheng Yading Airport is the highest airport in the world.

World’s Highest Airport: Daocheng Yading Airport 

At 14,472 feet above sea level, Daocheng Yading is the world’s highest airport, surpassing the previous record holder Qamdo Bamda Airport in Tibet, at 14,219 feet. Just recently, Falcon 7X was the first business jet to be approved to utilize the new airport.

World’s Lowest Airport: Bar Yehuda Airfield 

The lowest altitude airport in the world is Bar Yehuda Airfield, located in Israel. Just south west of the Dead Sea, it lies 1240 feet below sea level, which is actually deeper than US Navy submarines are allowed to travel. Only charter and sightseeing flights are allowed to utilize this airport.

World’s Coldest Airport: Yakutsk Airport

Visiting Yakutsk Airport in Russia will allow you to experience what could be one of the chilliest travel hubs on the planet. With the average temperature in January standing at around -38F, upon making your way through the departure lounge you will soon start to experience the extremely cold conditions.

Brrr - Yakutsk Airport in Russia sometimes can reach -38F!

World’s Hottest Airport: Kuwait Airport

Kuwait International Airport is largely considered to be the world’s hottest airport, and with average July temperatures reaching a high of 114F!

World’s Largest Airport: King Fahd Airport

The largest airport in the world is King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia, at around 304 square miles in size. The passenger terminal has six stories of which are allocated for passenger processing. The third level is for arrivals, the sixth for departures and the fourth level is for boarding.

World’s Smallest Airport: Juancho E Yrausquin

On the opposite end is the Juancho E Yrausquin Airport on the Caribbean island of Saba, who has a runway just 1300 feet in length. Aircrafts are only permitted to use the airport upon obtaining a waiver from the Netherlands Antilles’ Civil Aviation Authority.

World’s Busiest Airport: Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport has a runway that is only 1300 feet long - the shortest in the world.

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta is known for being the world’s busiest airport, not just in terms of arriving and departing flights, but also in passenger numbers. On average, more than 240,000 people pass through its gates every day (that’s the equivalent of around 90 million every year)!

World’s Oldest Airport: College Park Airport

Established in 1909, College Park Airport in Maryland is recognized as the world’s oldest, continually operated airport. It even saw Wilbur Wright train two military officers to fly the US government’s first aircraft.

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