What happens after you book a flight with PrivateFly?

When it comes to a private jet charter flight, from the client’s perspective it’s simple: Arrive at the airport shortly before departure and get ready for take-off.

But what happens behind-the-scenes leading up to that seamless experience is much more involved.

Our Trip Management takes over from our Flight Sales Team once a flight is booked, making sure every detail is taken care of, before a client steps foot in the airport. Below are some of the key checks our Trip Management team always make, before any flight takes off.

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David Tattersall seeing off a flight in high vis

1) Operational & safety checks

PrivateFly adheres to a strict set of safety guidelines that all operators, aircraft, and crew must meet to be approved in the network. And now we’re part of Directional Aviation’s OneSky family, we benefit from the group’s overall safety standards too.

Our Trip Management team conduct a review before the flight is allowed to move forward, including taking a look at the operator’s insurance; the dual-pilot flying hours and licenses; the crew hours; and the maintenance schedule of the aircraft.

And to book your requested runway slots for the flight, the team work closely with operators and directly with the airports. For most airports this is a straightforward process, but for others more negotiation and more flexibility from the client on timings may be required. For example Geneva Airport is very busy year-round; and in the summer months, airports such as Mykonos or Ibiza are so busy that slots can be more difficult to secure, especially at the weekend.

2) Arrange catering and other onboard requirements

Once the aircraft and crew are all approved and set, the Trip Manager will talk to the passenger about the inflight details and coordinate these with the aircraft operator. Specifiying the catering onboard is one of the main considerations.

As each flight is unique, the catering can be tailored to fit the passengers’ needs. From unusual dietary restrictions to favourite brands of tea, we’ve seen a huge variety of requests over the years. Almost any request can be accommodated, given enough time to make the arrangements.

Private jet catering

Besides the menu itself, the Trip Manager will consider two main factors when arranging catering: The size of the jet and whether a flight attendant will be on board.

The size of the aircraft typically dictates whether a fully-stocked galley will be part of the cabin; we wouldn’t recommend an elaborate, hot meal on a small jet with a limited galley, for example. But there are many delicious cold-plated options that can be arranged, included salads, charcuterie, seafood, cheese selections, fruit platters, pastries…and much more.

Similarly, the presence of a flight attendant (usually only on midsize or larger aircraft) means they can plate meals, warm up food, and clean up afterwards – so this allows more complex catering options.

In addition to catering, the Trip Managers will organise other requirements for the cabin or at the airport – such as decorations and flowers for birthdays or other special occasions; accessibility requirements for disabled passengers; and special arrangements for children or pets travelling onboard.

3) Organise ground transfers

Did you know that PrivateFly can also arrange ground transportation for your departure or arrival? Our Trip Managers aim to make your trip a seamless travel experience.

They will ask if any ground transportation will be needed – and use one of PrivateFly’s preferred suppliers that have been thoroughly vetted for your car transfer. From speciality cars to limos to sprinter vans, we can find the right ground option for you. We can even arrange for a sightseeing tour if you want to see more of your destination straight from arrival.

A few factors the Trip Manager will consider include the route; number of passengers and amount of luggage; and if there are any other larger pieces of equipments such as special sports equipment, wheelchair or pushchair.

For clients transferring from an airline flight, our Trip Managers can arrange board to board ground transfers from the main airport terminal to the private jet FBO – keeping an eye on the airline schedules, to keep abreast of any delays.

4) The day of the flight

When all the pre-flight arrangements have been taken care of and the day of the flight arrives, our Trip Managers will be busy coordinating all the details that require attention.

They monitor the weather continually to ensure no delays due to snow, high winds, rain, or other conditions. Trip Managers are also always up to date on any Temporary Flight Restrictions that may impact your flight.

UK office view of Trip Management and Flight Team

Finally, your Trip Manager will ensure that the aircraft, crew and catering are all in position. They know that communication is key, so they’ll keep you up to date regularly with all the details you need in the run up to departure. So that when you arrive, you’re guaranteed a seamless, smooth experience.

And it doesn’t stop at take-off. Whether you’ve booked a return flight or not, the team are on hand to coordinate details for your landing – and beyond as required. It’s not uncommon for clients to leave items at the airport or onboard by mistake, so they’ll do their very best to track them down and return them to you!

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