Will Stansted dent Luton’s popularity in 2017?

London Luton‘s position as the UK’s most popular private jet airport may be under threat in 2017.

London Luton airport

While FBO giant Signature has recently reopened there, making a considerable investment in a better-looking facility for private jet users, customers make their choice of airport on more than looks alone (as was proved by the demise of the stunning Rizon Jet at London Biggin Hill).

A great FBO is definitely a part of the decision, and of course location is key. But so are other factors including 24-hour availability, space and onsite aircraft maintenance. And there’s a sense that Luton may be slipping in its offering on some of these counts.

Ramp space for private aircraft at Luton has recently been claimed back by the main airport, with airliners parked up outside the FBO when private jets move out overnight.

Gulfstream at Luton

Gulfstream have moved some of its key UK maintenance resources from Luton to Stansted. Image: Gulfstream

And there’s talk of Gulfstream maintenance moving out of Luton altogether, their main UK service center. The US manufacturer opened a further line maintenance and on-the-ground services at rival airport London Stansted‘s Inflite Jet Centre last year, including moving its custom-outfitted Field and Airborne Support Teams (FAST) mobile repair vehicle.

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Open 24 hours, with several FBOs, and excellent space and availability, Stansted is a strong rival to Luton. It is often perceived to be further away from central London, but in fact the two airports are about the same distance from the capital.

Take a look inside Stansted’s Inflite Jet Centre FBO in our video ‘What happens at a private jet airport?’.

We’ve always considered Stansted to be a great choice of private jet airport for clients flying in or out of London, but it’s remained under the radar for many. This may be all set to change in 2017.

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