5 flights we flew this week

At PrivateFly, we love talking about aircraft and flights. Whether it’s at a business event, a rugby match or a drinks party, one of the first questions we always get asked is ‘How much would it cost me to fly from A to B by private jet?’.

Someone will have a trip in mind and they are fascinated by what they should be paying for it.

PrivateFly red carpet

We fly people all over the world – in 4-seater light jets to large VIP airliners. And no flight is ever the same, even if the route might be. Every week we get excited by the global connections we are helping to make happen.

As a snapshot, here are five flights we arranged this week and their prices – which ranged from US $1,500 to $135,000.


Here’s a flight that we arranged not just this week, but almost every week of the year – since Paris to Geneva is the most popular private jet route in Europe. This week it was a Paris-based real estate investor who booked at the last minute, needing to get to Geneva and back within a few hours. His request came via the PrivateFly app, as an increasing number of our flights now do.

Though we fly this route most often for business, during the winter months we also arrange flights for ski trips on this route.

How much does it cost by private jet?

Itinerary: Paris Le Bourget to Geneva (one-way)

Aircraft: Citation Mustang (4 seats)

Flight time: 55 mins

Price: €3,900



It’s a bit early in the season for the Caribbean peak – most travellers head to the region from next month onwards. But this client was an early bird, who wanted to reach the hotspot of St Barts. The island is a very popular destination with both our European and North American private jet clients, looking for winter sun.

The client already had an international airline flight booked into the larger hub island of St Maarten (which was voted the world’s most spectacular place to land in our Airport Approaches Poll 2013) and wanted to arrange a seamless private aircraft transfer to nearby St Barts.

The landing at St Barts is pretty spectacular too – and with a short 650m runway, only smaller turboprop aircraft can land there.

St Maarten airport landing

St Maarten is a key Caribbean hub (and a spectacular landing)

How much does it cost by private jet?

Itinerary: St Maarten Princess Juliana International to St Barts Gustaf III Airport (one way)

Aircraft: BN2 Islander (8 seats)

Flight time: 15 mins

Price: $1,500



Hungary is one of Europe’s lesser developed private jet markets, but as this client and others find, Budapest is a destination not well-served by business class airline flights.

Our client, a wine producer, was flying with a group of 3 other colleagues for a business meeting, followed by an overnight stay in the Hungarian capital.

Cessna Mustang

The clients flew to Budapest on a Citation Mustang

How much does it cost by private jet?

Itinerary: London Luton to Budapest Franz Liszt International (overnight return)

Aircraft: Citation Mustang (4 seats)

Flight time: 2 hours 40 mins

Price: £8,620



Some of our corporate clients have access to a company-owned aircraft, but also use ad hoc charter when that aircraft isn’t right for their itinerary.

This was a good example. The request came in from the company’s corporate travel agent. The route was New York to Chicago, which was in range of their own aircraft. But they wanted to take 8 passengers, which the small jet couldn’t accommodate.

Challenger 300 exterior

The Challenger 300 offered more space for the corporate group

Itinerary: New York JFK to Chicago Executive (one way)

Aircraft: Challenger 300 (8 seats)

Flight time: 1 hour 40 mins

Price: $23,350



Sometimes a flight isn’t simply about getting from A to B. It can involve C, D and sometimes even up to N (yes we have arranged a 14-leg itinerary). Complex, multi-leg trips really showcase the bespoke nature of private jet travel.

This flight had 3 legs and was for a client based in Dubai, who wanted to reach both the Philippines and Kuala Lumpur in a single trip, returning within the week. The client was particularly keen on using an Embraer Legacy 600 aircraft, as they had enjoyed the space and excellent washroom facilities on this aircraft before, on a previous long range trip.

Legacy 600 interior

The spacious interior of the Legacy 600

How much does it cost by private jet?

Leg 1: Dubai International to Manila International (9 hours 5 mins)

Leg 2: Manila International to Kuala Lumpur International (3 hours 15 mins)

Leg 3: Kuala Lumpur International to Dubai International (6 hours 55 mins)

Aircraft: Legacy 600 (13 seats)

Price: $135,150

For a personalised quote for your flight itinerary, use our flight search on the website or apps, or contact us – our Flight Team are available 24 hours on +44 1747 642 777.