3 one-day trips, by private aviation

24hoursOvernight stays on short trips are often required due to airline schedules and airport waiting times.

But the bespoke scheduling and fast turnaround of private aviation allows business travellers to make the most of a full day of meetings, and fly back the same day. Or for leisure travellers to enjoy a special and memorable day trip, which wouldn’t be possible by airline.

By designing your own flight itinerary – flying out early, and back when you want to (and making multiple stops along the way if required) – you can save a great deal of travel time, and make air journeys that wouldn’t be possible any other way. The cost of a private charter is also lower for a same day return, as aircraft parking and crew costs are reduced.

We arrange a lot of one-day flights for our clients, for a wide variety of reasons, Here are three which showcase the turnaround power of a day trip by private aviation.

Whether you’re looking to make a flying visit, an overnight return, or a longer stay, our Flight Team can help maximise your time with a bespoke itinerary. Contact us or call (24 hours) +44 1747 642 777.

1) Multi-leg business trip, Amsterdam to France

Our client runs an interiors business in Amsterdam, and works with a number of specialist manufacturers and suppliers in France. On this particular day he had three meetings in different locations: A breakfast meeting in Paris; a site visit in Reims; then a meeting with a manufacturer in Strasbourg. And he needed to be back at home Amsterdam by 16.45.

We recommended a Citation Mustang, the perfect ‘air taxi’ for this multi-leg itinerary.

PrivateFly Cessna Citation Mustang

07.30: The aircraft departed Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, landing at Paris Le Bourget Airport before 08.30, where a car was waiting to take the client to his breakfast meeting in the city. He headed straight back to the airport after the one-hour meeting.

10.30: Departure from Paris Le Bourget to Reims (a 30 minute flight away), landing at 11.00. He was at the site by 11.30, and following a one-hour tour, was back at the airport for 13.00.

13.15: Departure from Reims to Strasbourg. We’d arranged lunch onboard during the 40 minute flight.

14.00: The client was meeting the manufacturer in the lounge at the FBO, and he was waiting when the aircraft landed in Strasbourg.

15.15: The aircraft departed again at 15.15, for the one-hour flight back to Amsterdam.

16.15: The client landed in Amsterdam where a car was waiting.

A busy day, but all achievable. The client could arrive at each airport just a few minutes before departure; cars were pre-booked and waiting for a quick getaway; and the aircraft was at his disposal, ready to leave when he was.

How much does it cost by private jet?

Itinerary: Amsterdam – Paris Le Bourget – Reims – Strasbourg – Amsterdam

Aircraft: Citation Mustang (4 seats)

Price: €10 600

2) Last minute private jet flight to Frankfurt

Often it’s not only a quick turnaround on the ground that’s required, but also a rapid take-off from the time of booking.

The PA of a senior executive based in the City of London contacted us at 5.30am with a last minute private jet flight request. Her boss needed to sign some important papers in Frankfurt that morning, but had to be back in the office again for a lunch meeting.

London City Airport runway

Our technology is integrated with many operators’ scheduling software so could immediately identify suitable aircraft already at London Farnborough Airport, close to the client’s home. We presented some options and a few minutes later, the PA confirmed the booking for an Embraer Phenom 100 small jet.

07.30 (local time): The aircraft took off from London Farnborough, for the 1 hour 15 minute flight to Frankfurt.

09.45 (local time): After landing at Frankfurt, the client was driven into the financial district (around a 25 minute drive). He spent half an hour there and was back in the car at 10.45, heading back to the airport.

11.30 (local time): The aircraft took off from Frankfurt, for the flight back to London. For the return journey, we had arranged to land at London City Airport, just a few miles from the client’s offices in the City.

11.45 (local time): Back on London time, the aircraft landed at London City, and with a car waiting, the client was back in the office half an hour later, with time to spare before the lunch meeting.

How much does it cost by private jet?

Itinerary: London Farnborough AirportFrankfurt Main – London City

Aircraft: Embraer Phenom 100

Price: £8 050

3) Birthday lunch in San Sebastian 

Not all clients booking one day flights want to minimise their time on the ground. Sometimes, it’s more about making the most of the day away, but without the need for an overnight stay.

Our client was arranging a family lunch in San Sebastian in Spain, for his mother’s 70th birthday. She had visited the area several years before, and the family were returning to her favourite restaurant, Arzak. They were keen to have time to enjoy the city in addition to the lunch, before flying back in the evening.

San Sebastian by private jet

The flight was for a group of six people, departing from Southampton Airport, so we recommended a Citation XLS medium jet.

08.30 (local time): After arriving at the airport a few minutes beforehand, the family departed in a Citation XLS for the 1 hour 20 minute flight to San Sebastian. We’d arranged for special birthday breakfast to be served during the flight.

10.50 (local time): The aircraft landed in San Sebastian, and the group were driven in a 6-seater car to centre of San Sebastian, with time for a stroll around the city before lunch.

13.30 (local time): Time for a leisurely lunch at Michelin-starred Arzak restaurant.

16.00 (local time): After lunch the family enjoyed a walk along the coast and time to relax at La Concha, the city beach in San Sebastian, before being driven back to the airport.

19.30 (local time): The Citation XLS departed from San Sebastian, with champagne and birthday cake served onboard the return flight.

19.50 (local time): Back on UK time, the family landed at Southampton Airport, after a memorable day.

How much does it cost by private jet?

Itinerary: Southampton Airport to San Sebastian Airport

Aircraft: Citation XLS

Flight time: 1 hour 20 mins

Price: £10 600

Whether you’re looking to make a flying visit, an overnight return, or a longer stay, our Flight Team can help maximise your time with a bespoke itinerary. Contact us or call (24 hours) +44 1747 642 777.