03 July 2014

How will tighter airport security and immigration impact private jet passengers?

Tighter security is in place at airports from today, for some routes into the US from Europe and the Middle East. This is due to heightened concerns about threats from Syria and Iraq. Airline passengers are being warned to expect additional delays at airport security and immigration, to allow for additional scans and inspections – and also possibly a second stage of screening at boarding gates.

I’ve been asked if and how this increased security will affect private jet passengers. The answer is, it won’t have much of an impact at all.

Private jet security follows the same rules as for airlines – security is paramount for all air travel and private jets are no exception. But while flights from the affected areas will still follow the same increased standards, the process will be very quick and streamlined, since there are far fewer passengers on a private jet.

With private jet travel, passengers can arrive at the airport 30 minutes or less before the expected departure time and still undergo any increased security tasks if necessary. For the passenger, the security process when travelling by private jet is designed to be seamless – they barely notice it is taking place.

For immigration, private jet passengers are pre-screened. Their passport details are processed and checked in advance, with a brief check at the airport before they board the aircraft.

At larger airports, there are dedicated private jet terminals with customs and immigration staff that will allow you to go through the process quickly, without the hassle of lines and delays.

Our flight team can advise on any security questions you have about private jet flights. Contact us or call +44 1747 642 777 (24 hours).

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