08 February 2016

Our Six Nations team of private jets

The annual RBS Six Nations rugby competition has now kicked off. And with fans of all of the competing teams represented here at PrivateFly, we’re eagerly following and awaiting each clash, up until the final fixtures on 19th March.

Of course, we’re also busy flying our clients to the fixtures in Twickenham, Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh, Paris and Rome. See more: Private jet prices & closest airports for Six Nations venues.

Being AvGeeks, we can’t help but apply an aviation twist to our other passions. Just as rugby depends on having a specialist skill set for each position on the pitch, each aircraft in our global fleet brings a set of special features and advantages to our customers.

So here’s our rugby team of aircraft, formed of some of our favourite private jets – with their position in the PrivateFly 1st XV.

For private jet or helicopter prices to any of the RBS Six Nations fixtures, contact us or speak to the Flight Team (24 hours) on +44 1747 642 777.

PROPS: Avro RJ85

These regional aircraft are the big guns of the team.

It’s not the fastest jet in the sky, but the Avro RJ85 (also known as the BA146-200) is powerful and robust. Plus its four jet engines allows take off over short distances – the perfect prop.

HOOKER: King Air

Compact without being small, the King Air is a stable and versatile turboprop aircraft with a hidden glamour, that is sometimes underappreciated.

Both robust and fast, it’s popular for air ambulance use. The hardy King Air will not let his team down, even in difficult times.

SECOND ROW: Legacy 600

Length, flexibility and power are essential attributes for a robust Second Row.

The Legacy 600 is the Second Row player of choice, able to perform over the long haul without tiring, but also adept at making small hops, from one destination to another.

FLANKER: Citation XL

Powerful and mobile with a strong and solid market position, the Citation XL makes the perfect Flanker.

The world’s most popular jet is a reliable asset to any team.

BACK ROW: Falcon 50

With a first flight in 1976, this long range jet has the required experience necessary for this important position.

Combining reach, speed and performance with a 7m+ cabin, the Falcon 50 will guide the game successfully.

SCRUM HALF: Citation Mustang

The best-known Very Light Jet (VLJ) is efficient and fast over short distances.

With its aerodynamic design, the Citation Mustang can perform short journeys quickly. A vital asset in midfield.

FLY HALF: HondaJet

Another VLJ makes our line up, alongside the Citation Mustang.

The HondaJet is set to take the small jet market by storm, with its innovative quality and performance.

CENTRE: Global 5000

Capable of speed over short or long distances, the Global 5000 is also equipped with powerful avionics that give it a great technicality.

Powerful and agile, it offers the perfect combination to break the defense of the opposing team.


With a two-year waiting list, the Gulfstream G650ER is the world’s most-wanted private jet.

Fast, efficient and able to cover very long distances at an impressive speed, the G650ER will undoubtedly be the top try-scorer on any team.

FULL BACK: Learjet 45

Handy and able to fly the distance, the Learjet 45 is reliable in all situations.

The last defence of our team, this stable team-player is the best choice to restart the game in our favour.

Do you agree with our PrivateFly 1st XV? If your selections would have been different, let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Private Jet & Helicopter Charter to Rugby Six Nations 2016

For private jet or helicopter prices to any of the RBS Six Nations  fixtures, contact us or speak to the Flight Team (24 hours) on +44 1747 642 777.

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