PrivateFly opens Miami office

We’ve been attracting a growing number of clients in the USA for over two years now, but we recently put down roots in the US with a new office in the Miami area. This is a big and exciting step forward for PrivateFly USA.

PrivateFly Miami team

Our new base is at Fort Lauderdale International Airport and our team there now handle the flight requirements of our US clients, on any global route.

Our American clients are based across the country, including the key private aviation centres of New York and Los Angeles. But we identified Miami as an area with major potential for business aviation growth – and being based there will help us maximise this local opportunity, in addition to handling our other US-wide flights.

Why Miami?


The Miami area is an increasingly popular luxury travel destination in its own right, and a key connection point for the Caribbean, Mexico and South America – now including Cuba of course.

Florida is the third busiest state for business aviation, after Texas and California, and Miami has exciting growth potential. Its private aviation traffic rose by 3% in 2015 (broadly following the overall US trend), but we expect the first half of 2016 to see greater growth of 6 – 8%.

Miami’s typical private jet user is notably young (one third are under 35); and this generation is fueling a different kind of private jet experience – built as much around booking convenience and exceptional service, as champagne and caviar.

So our rapid response, tech-driven business model has strong appeal for this audience.

We’re also seeing a growing demand from more established private jet customers across the US, who are seeking more transparency, speed and cost-effectiveness.

Strengthening our US supply chain

We’ve also been working hard behind the scenes on strengthening our US supply chain, with Part 135 private jet aircraft operators.

This includes a new technology partnership with Rockwell Collins ARINCDirect Flight Operations System (FOS®), a market-leading software provider for US aircraft operators. This integration allows us to give customers even faster pricing and availability for hundreds of charter aircraft.

Growing our team

Careers at PrivateFly

We’re now looking to fill a number of new roles based in Miami, including a Vice President of Sales (USA). Find out more about career opportunities at PrivateFly in both Europe and the USA.

We’re very much still focussed on our European business but we’re looking forward to spreading our wings at the same time – offering our recipe of innovative technology and industry expertise on both sides of the Atlantic.

For private charter pricing or advice – in Europe, the US, or worldwide – contact our 24-hour team on +44 1747 642 777 (Europe) or (866) 726-1222 (USA).