November 14, 2014

PrivateFly Provides Ebola Evacuation Flights

While private jets are typically viewed as a mode of transportation for those seeking luxury or privacy, private jets are also important transportation vehicles for medical emergencies, especially during the Ebola crisis. Earlier this year, a private jet was used to evacuate two Ebola patients to the US, who had been stricken with the disease working as aid workers in Africa.

At PrivateFly, we have extensive knowledge and experience in arranging various types of medical evacuation services, and are now transporting Ebola patients, and those involved in the Ebola crisis, through specialist medical evacuation flights. We currently have a range of aircraft that are performing evacuation flights due to Ebola, with an extensive network based in West Africa, and we have been seeing an increase in flight enquiries from the region.

An example flight from Monrovia, Liberia to Seville, Spain:

  • Aircraft: Hawker 800
  • Cost: £38,364
  • Flight Time: 4 Hrs 56 Mins

Our goal at PrivateFly is to provide the highest quality medical transport services for Ebola patients at the lowest possible cost. If you should find yourself needing a private jet transport from West Africa, our Flight Team will remain at your disposal to assist during the entire trip, 24 hours a day.

For advice on transporting an Ebola patient, or evacuating from within affected areas, call the PrivateFly Flight Team (available 24/7) on 01747 642 777 or contact us

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