Step inside the ultimate G650 interior

The Gulfstream G650 is still the most talked-about of private jets – and one with the longest waiting list. The $65M ultra long range jet offers unmatched performance, with its combination of speed and range: Up to 7,500 nm (13,890 km) in its extended range format (G650ER) and a top speed of Mach 0.925.

But what’s it like on the inside?

Well, the G650 already offers a high-spec and spacious luxury interior. Wide seats for up to 14 passengers and generous aisle spaces, showcased by 16 of Gulfstream’s trademark oval windows. And the standard cabin features high spec audio and video equipment – everything needed for flawless entertaining.

But recently, the Swiss design firm Yasava Solutions, revealed a new interior concept, to take the onboard experience of the G650 to a whole new level.

(Image source: Yasava)

Yasava Solutions looked at how to improve the G650’s interior even further. Their modular layout aims to maximize both flexibility and comfort, providing spaces that can be adapted for different needs during long flights (the G650ER can fly for over 14 hours non-stop).

Their design outfits the 16.3 x 2.6 metre cabin space with Aiana Wave seats. This is a unique seat design that is based around human physiology – using aeromedical science and sleep psychology to give the ultimate in comfort and support.

And when it comes to sleeping, the standard berthing options on a G650ER already include fully-reclining flat bed seats and divan, with swivel and tracking controls, and built-in footrests. Although the cabin can seat up to 14 passengers, typically it’s configured for 8, so the divan seating can convert to a large, flat bed at one end of the cabin, with the other seats converting electronically to full-flat berths.

But the Yasava design includes a more private lounge area, with a double Aiana seat that converts from a sofa, into a full-size, full-flat bed.

The design also includes a full-size shower, a galley equipped with induction cooking surfaces for a professional chef, and a flexible crew area that can be used for storage on shorter flights.

This interior can also be installed in the Dassault Falcon 7X and the Bombardier Global 6000.

However, this isn’t the only innovation in big jet interior design to come to our attention recently.

HAECO Private Jet Solutions recently previewed a new interior for the converted airliner Airbus A330-200, with some major eastern flair.

(Image Source: HAECO)

The design features hand-painted silk wallpaper with bamboo and dragon motifs, plus a lightweight lattice framework which helps divide the cabin into designated areas for either dining or lounging. The interior layout also promises in-flight luxury including a private bedroom, a full en-suite bath, a library – and most unique of all – a sushi bar.

(See other recent private jet interior innovations here, including onboard fireplaces and dishwashers.)

(Image Source: HAECO)

These designs are at concept stage, so yet to take flight. But they are certainly creating a lot of interest in the industry.

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